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   Chapter 177 Not Bother to Even Wash His Face

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 10905

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Not knowing what to feel, she turned around only to see the affectionate look of the man. If she died that day, she could not see him now. Right now, she could no longer feel the hatred that consumed her for a long time. She did not understand! Maybe this is what they call as love.

She has not been the biggest fan of swimming so she didn't know how to swim. All she wanted was to relax and stroll along the beach, the chill of the wind blowing against her warm skin.

The lovely stars were twinkling in the dark sky and the sea water occasionally brushed over her bare feet. They walked hand in hand in silence, both enjoying a moment of intimacy with each other.

In a burst of carefree passion, Lola suddenly let go of his hand and dashed forward to the sea. She dipped her hands into the cool water and spread it around like a little girl.

Harry followed her into the chilling water and pulled this playful girl into his arms. He pressed her head against his chest and asked, "Aren't you drunk already? Am I right, you stubborn little girl?", Harry playfully added. His teasing voice made her blush. Embarrassed, Lola tried to hide her face from him.

"I never said I was drunk. I do not get drunk!" She murmured softly, trying to explain herself. She was just really pretending to be drunk so that Harry would take care of her. She wanted to appear helpless and weak so she could feel the warmth of his loving arms.

Skeptical, Harry curled his lips and ignored her explanation. Whenever he was with her, he tend to forget all the tedious work and the gloomy thoughts.

Lola rolled her eyes to express her dismay. She walked further away from the shore. In a quick motion, she loosened her belt and stripped off her hotel robe.

Her sexy black bikini instantly caught Harry's attention. His eyes lingered on her body and he could no longer turn away his head. Harry was truly enjoying this beautiful moment. But he became aware of his surroundings and quickly checked if there are people who might see them.

Luckily for them, this part of the beach was quite far from the hotel. As it was already late at night, no one was looking at this direction anyway.

Lola knew that Harry would not be able to resist her. She looked back at him and stared at his eyes in a seductive way. A bold idea crossed her mind, and she ran farther with her bare feet.

The chilling sea breeze made her shiver. "No wonder they say beauty comes with a price! Wearing this bikini in this time of the night is definitely not easy.", thought Lola.

For her not to feel numb because of the cold, she bit on her bottom lip and walked straight into the sea. Soon the water reached her waist and she did not dare to go any further.

Harry's eyesight was good. Despite the moonlight being pale, he could still see Lola standing in the water in her bikini. Her curvy body was so inviting.

In the heat of the moment, Harry also took off his hotel robe, threw it next to hers in the sand and started walking towards her.

Soon he was beside her, both of them looking passionately at each other. She was even more beautiful now that he is closer to her.

Knowing how to attract him even more, Lola tried to run past him.

However, he stopped her and embraced her

f his hand, grabbed her bag and dashed out of the car. She ran all the way to the lift.

As soon as the lift arrived, Lola stepped in and pressed the closing button. She was afraid that Harry would follow her and squeeze himself into the lift to be with her.

She entered the office of the deputy CEO in a hurry and started scanning and fixing her documents for the meeting.

She quickly checked the time and to her shock, there was only five minutes left. Soon she will preside over the meeting on behalf of the CEO.

Lola tried to calm herself down and quickly restored the cool elegance she is known for. Confident as before, she stepped into the meeting room.

But Lola completely forgot about something really important. The funny thing was everyone inside the room noticed that Miss Li was still wearing the same clothes she wore yesterday! As this has never happened before, they exchanged both humorous and furtive glances. After all, they all had the same speculation: Miss Li did not go home last night...

Halfway through the meeting, Harry walked in. To everyone's surprise, he was wearing the same old clothes as well!

People exchanged glances again but were too confused to say something. There was too much information going on!

They believe that something was going on between these two and this was a very private matter that nobody can trespass into. As a result of their nervousness and fear, they did not dare to discuss this matter.

Lola quickly stole a glance at Harry who remained in his usual emotionless self. He must have gone to wash face then... Despite what happened last night, she was trying her best to concentrate on the meeting.

Harry nodded to Lola and indicated her to continue the meeting. He casually walked to his assigned chair and sat down quietly.

In her usual vigilant manner, Julie Tan spotted some light marks on Lola's neck. Strangely enough, Harry had some on his arm as well. These two are so amusing!

She rolled her eyes in disgust and a scornful smile spread over her face as she thought, "Poor Yolanda. Oh you, famous Yolanda. Your fiance cheated on you with his ex-wife. Do you know about that?"

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