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   Chapter 175 Tell Him to Pick Me Up

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8156

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"Zoe, I'm telling you. The Li family has strong connections in A Country; they're quite a powerful force there. If you could manage to marry Ms. Li, it would be terrific. Now that Harry Si has a fiancee and Thomas Herren is impeached by the officials due to Lola Li, it's the perfect timing for you to get Lola" said Andrew. He had spent a great sum of money only to get such poor information and this fact angered him greatly.

Zoe scornfully glanced at Andrew and said: "You shouldn't bother yourself with all these things. You should better mind your own health!" Andrew was now in the final stages of his cancer and was scheduled to go into surgery in a couple of days' time.

Zoe closed the CEO's office door and walked straight to his motorcycle.

He had already been in A Country for a couple of years, but for transport he preferred the motorcycle over the limo the Lu family offered him.

In Lux Bar.

Not so many guests were in the bar as it was still early, but the flow of soothing pop music songs which filled the air made Zoe feel quite relaxed and at ease.

He found a quiet, discreet booth in a corner, sat down and ordered himself a shot of liquor. Then he started texting his whereabouts to Lola.

Another half an hour passed and Lola finally showed up. Now the bar was crowded and was almost full.

She found the booth Zoe was in, sat down and casually put her bag behind her back.

"Hey Zoe, are you on a diet recently? How is it that you lost so much weight?" asked Lola. Lola leaned over and carefully examined Zoe under the bar's colorful lights.

Zoe touched his chin, which looked skinnier than before, and shrugged his shoulders: "Maybe it's because of all the busy work I'm doing that stresses me out and that I'm not used to it quite yet!" He wouldn't mention the real reason to others.

Lola, on the other hand, was still as charming and delightful as he saw her last time, a long time ago.

"You should eat more. You really lost a lot of weight! You look way too skinny now!"

Zoe brushed her off by nodding his head and calling the waiter for more liquor. He wanted Lola to order something to drink so that they could avoid this topic.

Lola ordered herself a glass of Night Elf. The cocktail was low in alcohol and tasted sweet and not very spicy.

She leaned over to him and whispered in his ear in a mischievous manner: "If I'm drunk later, you can call Harry and tell him to pick me

ing in the wind and her beautiful legs were swaying in a back and forth motion, like a restless child. Outside of the bar, some men were staring at her boldly and were just about to make their move. However, they all backed off when Harry returned and gave each of them a fierce glance.

He pulled her off the hood and pressed her against sides of the car to keep her in place. Then he opened a bottle and fed the water to her lips: "Drink!"

Lola behaved and sipped from the bottle. Harry led her to the front seat of the car and helped her to put the seat belt on.

She was so mischievous tonight that Harry took extra care of her. Lola's face was flushed, and she leaned back on the seat and looked at Harry with her drunken blurred eyes.

Harry knew of her condition and drove the car straight to the hotel.

He took out his cell phone and dialed a number. "She's with me now" he said briefly.

Someone paused at the other end of the phone and then asked: "Is she alright?"

"She's fine. But she's drunk and refuses to go home!" In the corner of his eye, Harry noticed Lola biting on her bottom lip.

Jordan paused and then said: "Fine. You take good care of her. I'll talk to my parents."

Harry curled up his lips. Both Lola's elder brother and younger brother were his wingmen. How wonderfully convenient that was!

"Thanks! I heard that you wish to be promoted to the rank of senior colonel. That'll be no problem. I will talk to your general regarding this promotion." Harry knew quite well Jordan's way of doing things. Jordan was never going to let his own father do the talking with the general.

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