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   Chapter 174 My Daughter-in-law

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8737

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Lola stared at her in disbelief. What on earth gave her the guts to hit her? Who did she think she was? How dare she bully her like this? She would not let her get away with this!

"Yolanda!" Harry became serious as he quickly grabbed Lola closer to his side and pushed Yolanda away.

With eyes wide open, Yolanda stared at Harry in dismay. Why was Harry protecting Lola? What kind of spell did this wrench cast on him?

Harry gently stroked Lola's pretty face and frowned when he saw the reddish marks left by Yolanda's slap. "I will ask Joey to send you some ice cubes. You return to work first."

Lola nodded in agreement, obviously glad of Harry's unexpected concern.

Harry cast a cold glance on Yolanda and uttered in a cold voice, "Meet me in my office. I need to have a word with you."

The office went quiet again when both of them left. Lola held onto her cheek as it was quite painful.

She thought about her slap on Harry's face. It must be quite painful for him as well.

She calmed down and decided to plan her actions. She did not want Yolanda around, trying to sabotage her plans. She really needed to take advantage of every opportunity she had with Harry. She has to totally sway Harry into choosing her.

In no time, Joey entered the room and gave the ice cubes to her. "Here Miss Li, please put some on your right cheek. I need to share a secret with you. I overheard her arguing with boss in the office. It was quite fierce and loud. But I am standing firmly by your side. You need to cheer up!" Joey encouragingly showed his support and dashed towards Lola's desk. He acted swiftly and with purpose, just like a true assistant.

Lola laughed and replied, "Fair enough! Thank you for your support. If an opportunity presents itself, I will make sure to speak good things about you in front of the CEO."

Joey nodded in great appreciation. As far as he knew, the CEO always took Lola's words very seriously. If only Yolanda did not get involved, Mr. Si would definitely listen to Lola all the time.

Joey returned to the CEO's office and saw Yolanda walk out of the room. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Inside the room, Harry was standing still, seeming looking out the window and deeply lost in thoughts.

Joey silently closed the door left open by Yolanda and returned to his seat at the secretary division to continue his work.

After a heated argument with his fiance, Yolanda returned to Crescent Spring Villa and started packing her stuff.

Rose heard the noise and curiously went out to see what was happening. She caught Yolanda packing her clothes into

hat can I do for you?" His tone sounded stiff.

Andrew sensed a discouraged tone but he was not offended. He knew Zoe too well. Instead, he smiled gently. "Lola called?" He had a strong hunch.

Zoe put away the documents from the desk and ignored him.

This irritated Andrew greatly as he shouted at him in anger, "I am your father. What kind of attitude you have here!"

Such a rebellious child! I should have abandoned him when he was still young!

And his vile mother, too! She seduced him. That was the only reason why he had a child. He never wanted this!

"Well, I did ask how would I be of help to you. You did not answer me and now you blame me for my attitude?" Zoe agitatedly threw the documents aside. He was not in a good mood whenever he saw anyone from the Lu family.

Andrew slammed his fist hard on the desk and pointed at him in great anger. "Zoe! The only reason that you are now sitting in this luxury CEO chair is because of me!"

Zoe stood and gazed deeply at his so-called father and scornfully replied, "I don't care. If you want to take it back, be my guest!"

"You don't care?" "If only the other two sons of mine are useful, I would never let you take charge of the company!" Andrew sarcastically added. He had his reasons. He would hate to see the company fall into other people's hands. He had to acknowledge Zoe as his son. He just had no other choice.

"Oh father, thank you so much for appreciating me for who I am. A CEO who did not even do anything to deserve what he got." He put his hands into the pockets of his grey suit trousers and leaned against the desk.

Andrew was utterly shocked that he could not say anything back. He pointed at the indifferent Zoe in dismay. What a bastard!

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