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   Chapter 173 Be with Her Forever

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7764

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In the deputy CEO office.

Shaking, Lola tightly held the drugs that she just bought. "Should she take them?", Lola was balancing.

Although Harry had used the condom, she was still worried about it. However, if she took them, she knew that it would be bad for her health. If she didn't take them, what if she got pregnant again? All her plans in life would get shattered all over again.

"I should take these!", Lola tried to convince herself.

She casually put the drugs on the table, brought out a cup, and got some water.

Just when she was done unwrapping the drugs, the door opened, revealing a familiar figure.

Unexpectedly, it was Harry. He looked pale. Maybe he came to find out the truth…

Lola hurriedly hid the drugs she was about to take so that he wouldn't notice.

Harry looked at the trembling Lola, closed the door and walked to her. Lola was so afraid that he might notice the drugs.

Unfortunately, she forgot that there was still a box of drugs on the table. He strode over and grabbed it.

"Return it to me!" Lola stood up, frantically trying to grab it. Harry, who was much taller, lifted it high.

Her expression told that there must be something wrong!

"Contraceptive drugs!", Harry blurted out.

"Lola, who asked you to take them?" Harry threw the box into the trash can and looked at her with rage.

"He had used the condom, right?", Harry tried to remember.

Lola pouted and said weakly, "Leave me alone! Get out!"

Harry was so angry that he felt a desire to strangle her. He looked at the full cup and her clenched fist.

"Give it to me!" He angrily extended his hand, expecting her to give him the drugs.

She pretended to be confused. "What are you talking about?"

Harry pulled her hand forcefully, took out the drugs from her hand and threw them into the trash can.

"How stupid are you! I have used the condom, so you don't need to take drugs. I'm worried that it might endanger your health. You won't get pregnant. Unless..." He took a step further, with a threatening look.

"Did you sleep with someone else, Lola?"


The loud sound that her hand caused upon hitting Harry's right cheek was followed by uncomfortable silence. Lola looked at Harry, who turned his face to one side angrily.

Harry stared at her fiercely, "How many times

that he still had. He should be the one to say those words. Now she condescended to say that. He owed her too much love...too much time…

He lowered his head to kiss her again.

Harry and Lola reflected an image of the light of love. Their kissing became deeper and more passionate

If only they could grow old together.

It was their only fervent wish.

She could feel his breath and his love.

In fact, she should be satisfied with this. But, she wanted more. She wanted every bit of him. She wanted Harry to be with her and Nicole and take care of them forever.

The three of them stay together as long as they live…

All of a sudden, the door of the office opened, breaking the intimate silence that they both shared.

Yolanda, who covered herself all over to hide her rashes, saw Harry and Lola in an embrace with her own bare eyes. She forgot her physical pain as the breaking of her heart instantly consumed her.

Harry and Lola slowly separated from each other.

Glimpsing Yolanda at the office door, Lola happily looked at Harry, an obvious sarcasm all over her face.

Her lipstick was a bit smeared. She smiled and wiped the hickey off Harry's face gently with her finger.

Harry took her restless hand and sighed, staying away from her.

Yolanda hastily walked in and stood in front of them. She quickly raised her hand and slapped Lola in the face. "Bitch! How dare you seduce my fiance!"

As soon as she stopped shouting, Lola slapped her face hard in return, and her sunglasses almost fell to the ground.

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