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   Chapter 172 A Beauty like You Dies Young

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Jordan nodded and then turned to his sister: "Lola, could you please come to the study when you're done eating?"

Upon hearing this, Lola quickly finished her congee and wiped her mouth clean. Then she bent over to Nicole, kissing her on her chubby cheeks. "My dear baby, you sit here and eat. Be a good girl. I will talk to your uncle and be back in just a while."

Nicole stared at her and just nodded indifferently.

In the study.

Hearing Lola's footsteps, Jordan took out a pistol from the drawer, looked over at Lola and gave it to her. "Take it and protect yourself. If you come across something that you could not handle, let me know and I'll be there."

Cautiously, Lola quickly put the pistol in her bag. Her previous gun was given to Harry.

"Brother, I'm quite anxious they would find out that you were the one involved in the incident last night." She was getting really worried about the issue.

Jordan took a deep glance at his sister. "It's not an issue anymore. He already took care of it."

"He?", Lola thought to herself. "Harry?"

"Also, the guys in jail confessed that they were sent by someone named Sara." Without hesitation, he shared this information to his sister to stop her from worrying.

Lola let out a bit of a smile and said, "Is this what Harry found out in his investigation?"

Jordan shook his head and explained: "Well, he did say that. But I also have some connections in the police station and it is true that the criminals confessed."

Lola shook her head in disagreement. "Brother, I believe it was not Sara. It was the woman you kicked last night. Her name is Yolanda Mo and she is the ringleader!"

"Such cunning method of clearing off responsibility! They even had the guts to pin the blame on Sara who prostitute herself in D City!", Lola shockingly pondered to herself.

Jordan heard her words and frowned. He had recently heard about Yolanda, an international celebrity, who was also the so-called fiancee of Harry Si.

"I will go and collect the evidence for you."

Lola thought for a while and declined: "No need for that. I can do it. Yolanda and I have a long history of knowing each other. I will try my best to hunt her down myself!" If she could not solve the issue, then she might turn for his help. But for now, she did not want to risk her family by getting them involved.

Jordan looked at his sister who looked determined and calm, then nodded in approval. "If you come across anything, just call me. If I am not available, then call father! Your family will always back you up!"

In a gesture of appreciation, Lola went closer towards her brother and gave him a big hug. "Brother, words could not describe how thankful I am to you."

Jordan's lips curled up as he was r

ppened, she doubted whether he would be willing to be close to her again.

"I just have one simple request. Go and send a bunch of baby's breath to Yolanda. Make sure it is delivered to her in person!" She heard that Yolanda hated baby's breath flowers the most. There must be a reason.

Joseph was confused but he called his assistant and ordered a bouquet anyway. He made sure that the bouquet would be delivered to Yolanda in person.

Well, they immediately found out why. The delivery guy delivered a big bunch of baby's breath to Yolanda's studio and chased after her, trying to ask for her signature in the form.

Yolanda did everything to avoid being close to the flowers. However, the delivery guy insisted that she hold the bouquet. He caught her off guard and shoved the flowers in her arms.

Yolanda was sent to the hospital and everyone witnessed the incident.

Harry and Rose immediately went over to the hospital to check on Yolanda. She was in a lot of pain and looked completely ugly with red rashes all over her body.

Yolanda was allergic to baby's breath since a child and she stayed away from embarrassment by keeping it as a secret. Lying on the ward bed and weeping really hard, she angrily accused Lola of the trick.

Harry remorsefully thought of Lola's temper and agreed that this looked like something she would do. He remained silent while Rose cursed her in great anger.

Hearing these hurtful words, Harry became uneasy and unwell. He promptly stood up and was about to leave the room.

"Harry! Where are you going? Yolanda is still sick!" He ignored Rose's words and left the hospital.

"Maybe Yolanda and Lola are just so opposite from each other. This would always spell trouble and conflict between them. What should I do?", Harry said these to himself as went out the hospital door.

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