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   Chapter 171 Sneaking Back Home

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"Hey, you're fine. It's all over now."

Harry's soothing tone comforted Lola and pulled her back to reality. She unconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You are Harry, aren't you?" She urged for an answer and her pale face was full of anxiety.

The man wiped away her tears and gazed at her pretty face with sadness. "Yes, it's me." "Be still..."

Her stiff body slowly relaxed under his words.

She had only been with one man. That was Harry. Harry was the only person who had touched her.

But this evening, her body was groped by other men. She could still feel their phantom hands on her body.

"I feel dirty... I need to shower... They... Touched me... Ugh!" The repulsive scene came back to her and she started retching again.

Harry watched her with concern. She must feel really sick about the incident. Silly girl, it's not as serious as she thought. But how could he comfort her?

Harry stood up and fetched a bottle of water for her. He helped her sit up and held the bottle to her mouth.

She felt much more comfortable as he held her in his arms.

He took the water bottle from her hands, and put it aside. Leaning over, he whispered softly in her ear, "Let me help you forget it."

His deep and alluring masculine voice captivated her.

She gazed back into his intense eyes and felt him slowly push her down.

It was getting dark.

Lola's clothes were in disarray. Fortunately, she still had her brother's coat to cover herself up.

She coldly turned down Harry's proposal to check in to a hotel. Harry berated her, saying she used him before ruthlessly ditching him.

Lola was still upset with Harry on her way back to the villa. For her, Harry was just a second choice! He was just a man at her disposal, ready whenever she asked for him. Apart from that, there were no strings attached.

She quietly sneaked upstairs and returned to her bedroom.

The whole incident must be kept secret. She couldn't let her family find out about it. She didn't want them to worry about her.

The first thing she did was to take off her clothes and throw them into the bin. Then she prepared a bath.

In the bathtub, Lola scrubbed her body roughly. She cursed Yolanda numerous times in her head.

But she did feel better when Harry came to comfort her.

She spent almost two hours in the bathtub, staying until dawn.

She climbed out of the cold water and dried herself up. Then she went to check on Nicole. When she returned, Lola closed her eyes and re


As for the third child... All he did was play around! Two days ago, he got a luxury car out of nowhere. The Li family was known to have strict discipline and rigorous education. Otherwise, she would have come to the conclusion that he obtained the car through underhanded means.

"Mom, you really favor sister over us!" Joseph protested in frustration, while Jordan nodded in agreement.

There you go. They were both her sons, but they behaved in completely different ways. "Shut up! Why don't you go and give me a grandchild as well? My sweet Nicole is so adorable." With these words, Angie bent down and lovingly pecked Nicole's chubby cheek.

Nicole happily grinned. "Granny, Nicole loves you so much!"

Angie quickly put down her chopsticks and hugged Nicole tightly. "Of course, my little sweetheart. Granny loves you very much as well!"

Joseph watched the two giggling girls and pulled on his brother's sleeves. "Brother, why don't you marry your fiancee already? That will get mom's attention off me!"

Lola nodded in agreement. Yes! He really needed to marry Wendy soon. She craved for more companionship.

Jordan calmly wiped his mouth with the napkin and said, "Soon." Turning to his parents, he said, "Mother, Father, why don't you set a date for us?"

"Of course. I will discuss with your father and let you know tomorrow." Angie nodded with great satisfaction. They met his fiancee a couple of days ago. She was a nice girl. They didn't care about her family background.

Their eldest son was an introvert. To be honest, they would already be greatly satisfied should he actually get married and give them some grandchildren.

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