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   Chapter 170 Why Did You Slam the Door

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The lady doctor looked at Lola curling up on the bed. Although she covered herself with the blanket, she could assume what happened from her trembling body.

The doctor didn't know how to proceed. "Hello, " she said tentatively. "I'm a doctor. Please allow me to examine you."

She patted Lola gently. Lola felt cold all over. Even the blanket couldn't warm her.

"That's not necessary." Lola said, her faint voice muffled by the sheet. Simultaneously, the lounge door slammed open from the outside.

"Where is she?" Hearing the familiar voice, Lola burst into tears.

Harry came in and glanced at the doctor. The doctor gestured to Lola helplessly.

"She won't let me examine her." The doctor threw up her hands in surrender and was waved off by Harry.

Harry and Lola were left alone in the room. Studying the shivering woman hiding under the blanket, he felt overwhelmed with emotion.

After a couple of minutes, he gently pulled back the blanket. His face turned stormy at the sight of Lola half-naked under the military coat.

What happened to her?

He lifted her up gently and held her in his arms.

Lola left her arms hanging at her sides. She didn't know where to put them.

Harry's hug made her feel warm. But he didn't know how dirty she was after being molested by the men.

Abruptly, she desperately pushed Harry away.

Not expecting the movement, Harry was pushed a few steps back. Looking at her crumpling face, he cautiously walked over.

"Calm down. I'm here." Harry wasn't angry. He took her in his arms again and straightened her messy hair.

Lola couldn't bear to push him away again and fell into his arms, crying bitterly.

Harry kept comforting her, making her feel much better.

"I'm dirty..." She whispered after a long time. At her words, Harry lifted her face and kissed her.

Lola pushed him away. She felt so filthy. How could she deserve such a dec

elt, Harry started up the car.

It was very quiet in the car. Harry drove smoothly. Exhausted, Lola closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat.

"I called Joey just now. They've been put in prison. They confessed that Sara gave them orders…"

Lola interrupted him angrily, "Enough! Harry, I saw her clear at day! It was obviously Yolanda..."

"Lola, do you have any misunderstandings about her? She's not a bad person!" They began to quarrel again. Harry still didn't believe her.

Lola unfastened the seatbelt. "Harry, if you don't stop, I will jump from here!"

Harry stopped the Maybach immediately. Lola opened the door and got off.

Unfastening his seatbelt, Harry caught up with her and hoisted her on his shoulder roughly. Despite her struggles, he opened the door of the back seat. He got in after shoving her inside.

"Let me go! If you dare touch me, I will sue you!" Lola pushed Harry hard, but he didn't move.

Harry pulled her arms, "I'll just do it anyway!"

"Harry, several men molested me tonight. Don't you find me filthy?" The tension left her body, but Lola scowled at Harry.

Surely, he couldn't let the men go. It wasn't enough to gouge their eyes out. They would only learn their lesson after they lose both their arms and legs!

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