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   Chapter 169 Harry Si, Where are You

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7686

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The only thing Lola could do now was stall for more time and wait for her brother.

Yolanda casually leaned against the car and said, "Using the same old tricks will bring you down. You're not very intelligent, are you?"

"I may not be that smart but Harry Si must be an idiot to believe a wrench like you." Working in his firm, Harry sneezed. He egotistically thought to himself that Lola must be calling him bad names.

Offended by Lola's remarks about Harry, Yolanda snapped. "I won't let you badmouth Harry like that!" As she spoke, she tried to open the door of Lola's car.

Lola took the opportunity and immediately rolled up her car window. She locked herself safely inside.

Realizing the car was fully secure, Yolanda made a gesture to her men and ordered, "Bring me a brick!"

She glared at Lola, saying, "You think locking yourself in the car would keep you safe?" "We'll crack it open and get you out!"

A man approached the car with a brick he picked up by the road. Yolanda quickly ordered, " Break the window open!"

She moved away and the man stepped in. Lola examined the situation. If the window shattered, she would definitely get hurt and her face would be scarred by the shards of glass. Lola quickly opened the window in panic. "Let's not be rash."

Yolanda immediately grabbed her by the arms and dragged her out of the car. The men surrounded her to keep her from escaping.

She needed to buy herself more time. "Yolanda, I know you want Harry. Well, you can have him!" She casually dusted herself off and tidied her clothes.

Yolanda got furious at her words. The fact that she had the audacity to give Harry away as if he was insignificant made her snap, "He was mine to begin with! You never had the right to give him away!" She gestured to the men to take action. "This woman is all yours now!"

The men moved closer. Lola straightened herself and firmly spat, "I dare you!"

Startled by her cold look and severe tone, the men paused.

They looked at each other tentatively, feeling uncertain.

Lola carefully evaluated the situation and continued bluffing, "My grandfather was the former vice president and my boyfriend is the current president!" She thought to herself, I'm sorry for using your name, Thomas Herren.

Yolanda laughed at her. "Do

el angry again. "Where the hell were you when my sister needed you the most?" Jordan clutched the steering wheel tightly. He knew it was irrational to blame this on Harry.

But still he wanted him to take full control of the situation and bring justice to those responsible for his sister's ordeal. He was Lola's brother, but Harry was her lover. It would be way more efficient that Harry punished them for Lola. But if Harry failed to handle things the way he sought fit, he wouldn't let him off either.

Harry sensed something wrong from Jordan's tone. Jordan was always a composed man who spoke calmly.

What was the reason for him to lose his cool? Had something happened to Lola? Harry stood up from his chair and grabbed his car keys. He walked out of his office in a rush.

"Where is she now?" he asked urgently. He seemed agitated.

"You need to get someone to clean up the mess at the crossroads. I'll be waiting for you at the military hospital." He couldn't send his sister to a regular hospital in her state.

Harry put down the phone and instructed Joey from the secretary division to clear up the mess like last time. Without any hesitation, he raced his car all the way to Jordan's army camp.

Jordan brought his shaky sister to his own quarters and called for the only female doctor on camp to examine her.

He made the doctor sign a confidentiality agreement that made her promise to keep anything she saw or anyone she met to herself. He emphasized that she would face severe consequences otherwise.

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