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   Chapter 167 Passed By Distantly

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Everyone turned to her instantly. Lola got her mind back and said, "It's fine. I think we can build scenic spots without removing any local facilities or residences."

She paused to look over the acquisition plans before adding, "For the plant resources, I suggest we regularly harvest in bulk. Don't give the others a chance. Thank you!"

When she finished, everyone talked over each other for a while. They nodded in agreement. "Miss Li's suggestion is good!" Jeremy took the lead in supporting her ideas.

"Yes, I think it's great."

More people followed suit. Harry announced, "All right, add Miss Li's advice into the plan. I've contacted the government of Echo Bay, and I'm assigning Jeremy to brainstorm with the managers of the Design and Planning departments. I need a new design in a week!"

Jeremy nodded eagerly. "Yes, sir!"

Jeremy was flattered that CEO had put him in charge of such an important project.

"Don't forget to coordinate with the head of the town. It's wise to involve the locals in the construction. As to other aspects, Jeremy and the Design and Planning department managers can come over my office for a detailed discussion."

Harry stood up with a folder in hand. "Dismissed."

All the executives filed out, and Lola was the last to leave the meeting room.

The Project Manager role should've gone to her or Julie Tan. It didn't make sense.

Was CEO afraid that either women couldn't do it? Or did he think they weren't as good as men?


A sudden pain in her foot interrupted her thoughts. Hissing in pain, she held onto the handrail for support.

Damn! This was the first time Lola had ever worn stilettos, and she twisted her ankle.

Harry glanced back before stepping into the elevator. He saw Lola holding onto the handrail in pain.

On instinct, he wanted to approach her. But he hesitated before finally entering the elevator.

Lola gently moved her ankle to check how bad it was. Feeling the pain start to fade, she decided it wasn't serious. She took a few careful steps, and nothing happened.

By this time, Lola was left alone in the conference f

rry stared at him in awe. They were still gossiping among themselves when Yolanda came out of the fitting room.

The sight of her beauty rendered them speechless. With a coy smile, Yolanda turned to the man on the sofa still engrossed with his mobile phone. "Harry, what do you think of this one?"

Harry raised his eyes briefly and nodded, "Looks fine." He immediately turned back to his phone. "Show me the next one."

Meanwhile, a man approached the shop entrance and one of the employees greeted him. "Good evening, Sir. We are already closed today. Please come back tomorrow."

It was past closing time, but their manager said some VIP would arrive tonight, so everyone had to work overtime.

The man raised his handsome face and charmed the girl with a smile. "I'm actually looking for Yolanda. I'm her friend."

"Oh, my mistake. This way, please." The girl didn't question the man and respectfully took him into the VIP section of the shop.

At the VIP section, Yolanda was appraising the wedding dresses being recommended by the manager one after the other. When the newcomer saw her, his eyes lit up.

The man immediately put on an affectionate expression and strode over, "Yolanda!"

Yolanda stared blankly at the stranger moving towards her. The big hug he gave her shocked everyone into silence. Thinking he was a passionate fan, Yolanda pushed him away in embarrassment. "Excuse me, sir!"

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