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   Chapter 166 It is the Show Time

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7059

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Damn it! Zoe swore he would take revenge one day!

Anger smoldered in Andrew's heart and his fingers could not help trembling. Don was his favorite son. He could not stand anyone offending his favorite son!

"You refuse to receive treatment? Fine! You like Lola Li, right?" He saw several times that Zoe stared blankly at her photos and giggled. His love for her was so evident!

The secret buried in Zoe's heart was exposed in broad daylight, as if he was nude standing there. He stared angrily at his father. How did he know?

Andrew ignored his angry look, "I warn you. You won't have any chance. Do you know how gossip goes? Lola has a child with either Harry Si from SL Group or Thomas Herren, the President of A Country! Faced with these two ambitious enemies, if you don't put yourself together, how can you fight for Lola?"

Zoe was astonished. Lola had a child? And what's she to do with the president? She still did not settle the things between her and Harry?

For a long time, Zoe was numb lying there. His mother had gone. Lola had found someone she liked. He felt there was no reason for him to live on in this world.

He decided to go to see his mother in D City in a few days and come back to visit Lola then. They were both the true love of his life. If his life should continue in this way, why not choose to end it!

He liked Lola from day one. He didn't care to be her bestie and would comfort her wherever she needed him.

He didn't take his family well, so he chose to hide from it for entire ten years.

Without the strong family background, he was merely a poor boy and could not bring her a wealthy life. When she lost everything, he felt pain for her, but deep in his heart, he was also delighted, because they were matched.

Her marriage with a rich man was a bolt from the blue for him. From that day, he chose to hold back his love and remained her bestie.

Learning what she is doing and sharing her happiness would suffice.

His company was the confession of his deepest love, a kind of love never spoke for itself. By her side, he never proclaimed

" He patted his chest to vouch for that, but Lola couldn't see it on the phone...

Lola hung up the phone and headed to the conference room with the files in her hands.

There were only several senior executives in the conference room. They greeted Lola and were returned with a slight nod. After seating herself, Lola concentrated on her files.

More and more senior executives came. Some of them were surprised at her make-up and even went blank.

What's wrong with her? She seemed odd today! Was it because what happened yesterday?

They looked at each other. No one knew the answer.

In the last two minutes before the meeting began, Harry stepped in the room at a smooth pace.

Everyone, including Lola, stood up to greet him. The tie he was wearing seemed to be the one she bought yesterday....Lola was startled and sat down.

She remembered she had dumped the tie in the sea. Did he jump in the sea and take it back?

Harry cast a glance at her and could immediately tell the difference.

The meeting began. It was about the investment in developing the Echo Bay.

Harry brought forward key points and left the remaining time for discussion. Then all the other executives exchanged their ideas while Lola kept silent all the way.

"Miss Li, what's your opinion?" Julie Tan noticed that Lola had been staring at the same page for a while. She guessed she was distracted.

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