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   Chapter 165 Their Well-planned Marriage

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7118

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Lola walked to her Maserati, but the door of the Maybach was suddenly opened. She looked back from in and as she expected, Harry was there.

"Get in the car!" He was leaning against the seat lazily, surrounded by a faint smell of cigarette.

She took the passenger seat and closed the door.

The Maybach backed up smoothly and sped out of the parking lot.

The depressing atmosphere inside indicated Harry got into bad moods.

Harry stopped the car at the gate of a shopping mall. "Go and get me some ties and clothes. More is better."


Lola looked at his serious look. Though speechless, she still got off and went into the mall as he required.

Was his bank account restricted by his family? Did he seem to have run out of money?

Confused, Lola walked into a luxury menswear store and picked eight ties of various pattern and several boxes of underwear.

Two white casual shirts attracted her attention. As she could not decide which fit better, she took both of them. After grabbing another three crocodile leather belt, Lola walked to the checkout counter. She couldn't help feeling awkward about the idea that others might think she was seeing couple of men.

With several shopping bags in hands, Lola stopped at a store for leather products. Recalling that Harry was still using the wallet she bought him years ago, she walked in and bought a new one for him. She couldn't put their photo in it this time, though.

Back to the car, Lola put all the bags in the trunk and sat on the front passenger seat again. "These are enough to manage with for a while!"

Harry didn't respond. Instead, he drove away. Lola heard the sound of waves approaching. When she got off the car, she realized they were indeed at the seaside.

They walked along the sea silently. Shells were left on the beach by the flowing tides.

Bathed in the moonlight, Lola held a clean and opalescent shell in the hand.

After a while, Harry suddenly lifted her up and carried her back to the car.

After putting Lola on the backseat, he leaned towards her and fetched a condom from nowhere.

The car rocked vibrantly by

Andrew Lu's brows knitted in thought. Though Zoe was an illegitimate child, he was the only hope for him at present. His other two stupid sons were to blame for this situation!

"What kind of treatment does he need?" Andrew Lu asked. If the worst came to the worst, he would announce his relationship with Zoe's mother in public, though she had passed away.

Once again, the doctor sighed. "The treatment of moderate depression is not easy. It includes the self-adjustment of the patient, support of medicine, and professional psychological counseling. You might need to talk him into this. Without proper treatment, it will develop into severe depression soon or later. And that would be way too late!"

Then he left with Zoe's medical records.

Rich families tended to be of intricacy and misery. Zoe must have been under so much pressure and worries, that he would be troubled by depression at such a young age!

Andrew Lu pushed the door open and walked into a messy room with the smell of alcohol.

"Zoe Lu, if you agree to take the treatment, I'll publicize my relationship with your mother."

Zoe looked became emaciated. He had decided to leave this family forever! Detached, Zoe defied Andrew, his so-called father, indifferently.

"If you want me to accept treatment, get Don Lu out of this family!" He gnashed his teeth at his father. Don Lu, Andrew's son, had asked two men to insulted Zoe...

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