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   Chapter 164 Must Feel Terrible

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6444

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At last, Julie and Joseph left the meeting room. When Lola was about to leave, she heard Harry hurl a question at Yolanda, "When did we promise mother to pick the wedding dress?"

Lola turned her back to Harry and Yolanda with a sneer and walked away, leaving them alone.

When she went back to her office, there was already a paper bag on her desk, inside of which was a white smooth suit.

After locking the door of her office, Lola took off the stained clothes and put it into the bag to get it washed at home.

When Harry and Yolanda went back to Crescent Spring from the company, Rose was sitting on a sofa in a daze.

"Auntie, we are back now." Yolanda ran to Rose happily. Holding Yolanda's hands, Rose hinted Yolanda to sit by her.

She then turned to Harry and gave a snort of contempt.

"Mother, what you did today has gone too far." Harry said coldly to show his disappointment.

"Well? Are you questioning me?" Rose stood up from the sofa and replied sadly. She had no idea why Harry disobeyed her again and again. She still believed that Harry loved Yolanda.

Sensing that Rose was in a bad mood, Harry turned his voice softer, "It is not appropriate to make a scene in the company. You have disgraced yourself." He was worried that Lola must feel terrible now.

"Harry! I know exactly what I was doing. Pick a wedding dress with Yolanda tomorrow. Yolanda's mother and I will pick a date for your wedding. You should marry her soon." Rose threw a name card of a bridal shop onto the table.

"I'm not gonna go." Harry refused directly.

That answer pained Yolanda. Looking at the man she loved so much, she said, "Harry, we have been engaged for four years. It's time to get married."

Then she put her arms around his waist from behind. His nice and charming smell fascinated her.

Harry glanced at her slender hands and pulled them off. "I have told you that I don't love you any more. Let's

Secretly? Why? Are those photos not presentable?"

When Joey walked out of the company, he received the photos. He was amazed!

It was ... so beautiful.

His boss was gorgeous! The little girl was so cute! And the lady who only had her back to the camera must be Miss Li!

They seemed to be a family!

Joey quickened his pace and found a shop to complete his task. After making sure that there was no backup saved in the shop, he went back to the company.

Harry was very satisfied with the printed images, "Good job. You will get a pay rise."

Wow, this ... this was Harry's style. Joey got a pay rise in such a way... "Thank you, boss." Then he came back to his seat, thrilled.

"Oh yeah, pay rise! Pay rise!"

Looking at the strange Joey, the other secretaries had no idea what had happened but felt sorry for him, because they thought he must suffer a lot from his boss just now.

It was past 9 pm. Lola walked out of the company finally. As she had asked for a leave, she had to work overtime to get work done.

She was surprised to notice that Harry's Maybach was still there next to her Maserati. "Is he still in the office now? Should I go upstairs to meet him?" she wondered.

Better not. After all, rumors about them had spread throughout the company.

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