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   Chapter 163 Fighting for a Mother and Daughter Pair

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 5948

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Angie Gong ignored him and turned away in a huff.

"Grandma!" Nicole called Angie while throwing herself into her arms.

Angie Gong softened upon hearing the gentle voice from behind. "Nicole, my sweetheart, what are you doing here?" Angie Gong gently held up Nicole.

Rose looked at the pink little one in Angie's arms, full of envy.

When could she have a grandchild?

Sensing her envy, Yolanda felt hurt.

"Uncle Harry!" Nicole leant forward to Harry.

"Nicole." Harry took her over with a gentle smile. Though reluctant, Angie didn't want to go against Nicole's will.

Nicole kissed Harry on the face. Unbelievable!

Even the people in the next room heard clearly that their CEO spoke in a tender voice!

Yolanda clenched her fists as she always knew that Harry liked children so much.

Watching others' surprised look, Angie proudly said, "Do you know whose daughter she is?"



Two men answered in unison. Thomas Herren took off his sunglasses and walked up.

Harry and Thomas cast a glance at each other, both of whom were brimmed with anger.

"President Herren!"

"President Herren!"

The greeting from Rose, Yolanda and Joseph deafened the whole floor. Oh My God! This was President Herren!

The whole floor fell into dead silence. It never occurred to Angie that President Herren would say that!

Those two powerful men standing on the top of the world now were fighting for a mother and daughter pair.

The question was who her mother was.

"Nicole?" A soft voice broke the silence.

It was indeed their deputy CEO! Under the stunned gaze, Nicole shook off their hands and ran to Lola.


The people was shocked again as they didn't expect that their goddess had a daughter.


arry put her phone back.

It seemed that they had witnessed a public display of affection.

Though nonchalant on the surface, Yolanda had already flown into rage deep down!

Harry opened his mouth, "Miss Tan, please make an announcement that if anyone spreads what happened, he will be deemed to leak the confidential information of the company."


Julie Tan nodded and launched the announcement right away.

Now everyone knew one thing for sure. Their deputy CEO had a daughter. But they were not sure who her father was.

Scanning the people present, Harry went on, "What just happened is my private business. I didn't handle it properly. I won't let that happen again. I will work for free for the next two month as punishment. Miss Li is the victim, but should also hold responsible. Deduct one month's salary."

He then cast a cold glance at Yolanda and said, "Get the meeting started!"

After calming herself down, Lola opened the files that she had just brought in and started her presentation.

After the meeting was over, all the other executives left, leaving Harry, Lola, Yolanda, Joseph and Julie discussing arrangement of the last two days there.

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