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   Chapter 162 Nicole's Grandma

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6105

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Joseph stood beside Lola and frowned at Rose.

Lola signaled for her brother to take a seat first and walked to Rose unhurriedly and gracefully.

"Aunt, this is my seat. You're our CEO's mother and you can sit here!" She pointed at Harry's seat.

Yolanda said flatly while playing with her phone, "Auntie owns the whole SL Group and she can sit wherever she wants. How dare you instruct her?"

Lola smiled, "Nice to meet you, our international queen. I'm talking with Aunt Rose and why are you chipping in?" So they were going to bully her together.

"You damn tramp. How can you talk to my daughter-in-law like that?" Rose slammed on the table angrily and got up. It seemed to her that Lola used to bully Yolanda!

Well, she would teach the tramp a lesson today!

"Can you watch your language? How can you take my sister for a tramp!" Joseph stood up opposite, who looked serious at the moment.

Rose glanced at Joseph who was defending Lola and found him somehow familiar. Had they met before? Oh! She remembered. He was Joseph Li, that world-famous star.

"Joseph, sit down!" Lola glared at Joseph. She didn't want him to butt in.

"Then ask your son to work somewhere else. It'll make the best of both worlds." She put the files on the desk and put her hands into her pockets. Lola had become a successful career woman, which made Yolanda envious.

Rose was so infuriated that she couldn't even argue. If she could control her son, Harry had already married Yolanda.

Rose walked towards Lola and pulled her outside. She would tell everyone in the company that Lola was a tramp and kick her out!

Lola didn't struggle. However, Joseph stood up and grabbed his sister's wrist.

"Where are you taking my sister?" If Rose weren't a woman or an elders, he would have punched her.

Lola shook his hand o

ubbed his nose. He called her, didn't he?

"My son is Harry Si, CEO of this company! Your daughter seduced him years ago. You know nothing, do you?" Speaking of Harry, Rose almost had her nose in the air. Harry was the greatest honor of her life!

"Harry is your son?" Angie looked obviously astonished. So this woman was Nicole's grandma?

Rose thought she was scared and then sneered.

At the gate of SL Group, Thomas Herren was playing with Nicole when he saw a Maybach screech to a halt. Harry rushed out towards the company. "Does Lola run into trouble?"

At this thought, Thomas put on his sunglasses, picked up Nicole and ran after him.

Angie and Rose were still in the standoff in the meeting room, which was surrounded by many onlookers.

"Boss!" Somebody exclaimed. Then the greeting of "Boss" could be heard continuously. All employees dispersed, hid in nearby meeting rooms and held their breath.

Harry looked coldly at his mother and Angie Gong in the meeting room. He didn't even need to ask before he knew what had happened!

"Auntie! Sorry to have disturbed you." Harry nodded slightly at Angie Gong. Rose was so annoyed that she glared at her son. How could he say sorry to Angie?

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