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   Chapter 160 Fairy Coming Down from the Heaven

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The two young people dressed in fine clothes attracted some curious glances from the villagers.

When they reached the hillside, Lola began to pant while the man seemed to be not tired at all.

"I'll carry you!" The man walked to her and crouched down. Lola patted him on the back and shook her head.

After they continued for a while, they could see the panoramic view of Echo Bay Village from the height.

There were rising smoke, towering mountains, and flowing rivers and waterfalls -- what a pleasant scenery! If you took a picture and add retro effects, it would become a landscape painting.

There was no one else around them, as all the villagers had probably gone downhill. The man walked into the grass and spotted a plant in the weeds. He drew near and sniffed it.

"Look! Wild codonopsis! There are... Panax pseudoginseng and Fallopia multiflora!" Harry walked further and discovered a lot of Chinese medicinal herbs.

"You know medicinal herbs?" As the man mentioned a few Chinese medicinal herbs, Lola stared at him in admiration.

"Well, I have learned a little from Chuck's grandmother before." Chuck's grandmother was a doctor who studied Chinese medicine every day. When Harry was a kid, Chuck's grandmother taught Chuck and Harry to recognize Chinese medicinal herbs.

After he graduated from university three years ago, he got busy and had no time to learn from her.

Harry looked around and noticed that many common medicinal herbs, such as Angelica dahurica, Coptis chinensis, and honeysuckle, had been taken away.

Maybe the medical skill in the village was limited, so other rare medicinal herbs hadn't been found yet. There were plenty of herbs on the market, but wild ones like these were rarely seen and thus expensive!

After the tour in the mountain, Harry had a lot of discoveries. He had been talking on the phone when he returned.

After lunch, Lola and Nicole were playing with the children and adu

ble to persuade them, Lola could only give up. As Harry said, she should come to see them instead of forcing them to go with her.

"Father, please bring my grandpa and grandma to A Country to visit us some day!" Lola sat down beside Carl, held his arm and pleaded with a spoiled tone.

Carl patted his daughter's hands. "All right! I'll go when I have the chance!"

Lola, Harry and Nicole left the next morning. Lola was unwilling to bid farewell to her family, eyes turning red.

Harry sighed secretly, grabbed her hand and took her to the front passenger seat. Seated in the child car seat, Nicole rolled down the window to wave goodbye to her grandpa.

Many villagers came to see them off, carrying a lot of local specialities.

After they put the specialities into the car trunk, the car slowly pulled away. Looking back, Lola saw several children running after the car.

Lola shed tears when they were out of sight.

Harry pulled over and wiped away her tears. "You're not a kid. Don't cry!"

He drew out two tissues to clean her face. "Mommy, you can't cry. You'll look ugly when you are crying!" Nicole's words made her smile through tears.

"Well, mommy won't cry. Nicole can't cry either in the future!" Wiping away her tears, she pushed the man and motioned him to drive.

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