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   Chapter 159 No One Would Disturb Them

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"Yes. I need to go up the mountain early tomorrow morning to check again and decide how to develop it." Echo Bay was a remote village. Due to inconvenient transportation, schools there seldom got financial aid. The original village must be of interest to the people outside.

"How do I persuade my father to go with me? And how about my grandpa and grandma? Will they be willing to leave here?" Lola asked while lying in Harry's arms and stroking his chest.

Harry grasped her hand with one hand and pinched her with the other hand. "Hey, stop!" Harry said in a hoarse voice. There arose Lola's giggle at once. He knew Lola was seducing him deliberately!

"You can ask them first. It will be the best if they are willing to go with you. If not, I can finance schools here to improve father's teaching environment. And I can also develop scenic spots to improve their living standard. After all, Echo Bay is a good place for them to spend the rest of their lives." Harry replied. If Lola liked, he would take her to live in seclusion. No one would disturb them then. How wonderful it would be!

After thinking, Lola agreed what Harry said.

Life here was no so bad. She really enjoyed the peaceful and happy life with Harry and Nicole here! How she wished this moment could last forever!

In the Crescent Spring in A Country.

Yolanda had been keeping calling Harry, but his number could not be connected at the moment.

She had to ask Joey. According to Joey, Miss Li asked several days off for personal business; Miss Tan would be responsible for their cooperation with Joseph before Lola came back; and Boss Si went on a three or four-day business trip abroad. But she found Harry didn't book any flight at all.

"Harry didn't go abroad! Lola Li asked for a leave. There is no such coincidence. They must be together!" Yolanda thought angrily. But she couldn't find out where exactly they were...

She prepared candlelight dinner for Harry and bought his favorite wine. But he was not in A Country!

Yolanda's face was distorted in anger. She picked up the prepared take-o

nodded at her father. Harry wiped his face with a towel and applied some moisturizer on it. Then he helped Nicole wipe her face. "Uncle Harry, help me apply some." Nicole said in a tender voice.

Harry rubbed some moisturizer in his hands for a long time while staring at Nicole's little face. He had no idea how to apply it for others, especially for a kid.

"Uncle Harry, be quick!" Nicole said. Then she raised her face, closed her eyes and kept her mouth closed.

"Just go ahead!" Harry decided. He walked behind Nicole, squatted down and then started smearing the moisturizer on her face.

"Uncle Harry, you smeared it into my mouth! It's sweet. Please smear some on my forehead..." Nicole's voice resounded the yard.

Lola, who was standing nearby and brushing her teeth, was amused by them. "Nicole, he had never done this for anyone before. You should be content." Lola thought.

After breakfast, Harry told Carl he was going up the mountain to check around.

Carl nodded and asked him to watch out. Then he went to the school with Nicole.

Lola went with Harry. They went across a stone bridge, passed several waterfalls and reached the foot of a mountain.

Harry held Lola's hand and climbed up the mountain.

It was in the early morning. There were dew on green leaves around them. Several villagers carrying heavy bamboo baskets were walking down the mountain.

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