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   Chapter 158 Being Parted From Her Daughter

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Harry Si! As the name sounded familiar, Carl lowered his head and sank in thought. It took him a while to realize who Harry was! "You're the CEO of SL Group?" Carl couldn't help but be surprised.

"Yes, I am. Sorry to drop in on you like this." The two men shook hands politely. Hearing Harry's courteous greeting, Carl nodded.

"Come in, please!" Carl beckoned them into a two-story building.

The house was a bit old, but quite clean. They sat down in the living room. Carl, holding Nicole in his arms, introduced the elderly to them.

"Lola, this is your grandfather. He couldn't hear since a few years ago." Carl introduced the old man who had just opened the door for them.

"Grandpa!" Although the old man couldn't hear, Lola greeted him sweetly. She thought that calling "Grandpa" instead of "Grandfather" would be more cordial!

The old man looked at her mouth and understood. He held her hands and nodded with joy. "Good girl, good girl!"

She had never seen her grandparents, because she was too far away from them and they didn't approve her parents' marriage.

Later, her mother secretly left Echo Bay and never went back after 20-plus years...

At this time, an elderly woman in a homespun jacket came out with a cane, eyes unfocused.

Harry, who was closer to her, helped her.

"Carl! Who is it?" Harry help her sit on the chair and sat back in his seat.

"Mother, my daughter Lola, her daughter Nicole, and her boyfriend Harry are all here!" Carl introduced to his mother. Lola walked to the old woman with gray hair.

"Grandma! I'm Lola! Your granddaughter!" Lola greeted her sweetly, holding the old woman's gnarled hands.

"Lola! Lavender's daughter!" The old woman burst into tears as she thought of her poor daughter! She could never accept being parted from her daughter.

After her daughter left home, she cried her heart out until she went blind in both eyes!


ole is his daughter, but it is not the right time to tell him the truth. Father, don't spill the beans." It explained the matter! Carl nodded with understanding and said no more.

As there was no entertainment in the village, they went to bed early in the evening. That was how people there lived.

After washing her feet, Nicole fell asleep before nine. The two adults were wide awake in the darkness. "You are not used to it, right?" asked Lola.

Having lived an extravagant life for years, Lola was not used to the life in here, let alone Harry.

The man moved the sleeping Nicole to the inner side of the bed and held Lola in his arms. "No!" Lola protested in a low voice, as the rooms here were not even soundproofed.

Harry smiled silently and said, "You think too much!"

She gave him a gentle pinch. The man snorted and said, "Since you are seducing me, don't blame me!"

Lola quickly withdrew her hands and placed them on both sides of her body. The bed was only enough for the three of them to lie down.

The man held her again in his arms. "The place is beautiful. I'm thinking about investing and developing." He simply expressed his thoughts.

"Ah? Investing and developing?" She was a bit surprised, but the place was indeed beautiful with fresh air.

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