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   Chapter 157 Echo Bay

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Lola stepped near Harry and gave him a pinch secretly.

Harry purposely contorted his face with pain. Seeing his agony, Nicole put on a worried expression and asked, "What's wrong with you, uncle Harry? Are you ill?"

Harry shook his hand, "I'm not sick. Your mommy was gonna kick me out! Help me, Nicole!"

His pitiful look astonished Lola. How could he be so childish?

"Mommy, show some mercy on him, please! Let him sleep with us, okay?" Nicole moved towards Lola and tugged at her clothes pitifully.


At night, the three slept on the one bed, Nicole lying in the middle.

But at midnight, she was moved inside.

The others whispered. "Harry, stop it! Nicole's here!"

"Relax. I just wanna hug you. Don't mind me. Good night!" Immersing himself in her fragrance, he enjoyed the serenity at the moment.

Would Harry just hug Lola to sleep? Of course not!

The man got out the bed and carried her by the waist to the bathroom.

When they came out, Nicole was sleeping horizontally across the bed.

Harry laughed, put Lola on the edge of the bed and moved the sleeping Nicole aside.

Just as he settled Nicole, a muffled bang was heard.

Harry looked back to find the woman absent. Lola rose up and glared at him, "How dare you kick me off the bed!"

The man held back his laughter and picked her up to the bed.

"I'm sorry! I forgot you, my sweetheart!" Harry helped her knead where it hurt. After a while, he felt into the mood again!

Lola quickly pulled the blanket to cover herself. "Time to sleep!"

As he decided to let her go, he tucked Nicole in, cuddled Lola in his arms and fell asleep safe and sound.

Next early morning, they set off for Echo Bay.

At Echo Bay Village.

Located in a desolate

ola choked with sobs and Carl's eyes were wet.

"How could you leave me alone, father?" Lola gave vent to all her grievance all those years in tears.

Guilt filled Carl's heart after he heard Lola's complaint.

"Mommy!" Nicole's low voice came from the back. Lola let loose Carl and wiped her eyes.

"Father, this is my daughter, Nicole Li."

Nicole Li? Harry slightly raised his thick eyebrows. "Thomas Herren would allow his daughter to take her mother's name." he wondered.

"Your daughter? She is such a big girl now!" Carl was surprised to see the cute girl.

How time flies! His daughter now had a daughter.

"Grandpa!" Nicole greeted Carl sweetly.

Carl held Nicole up carefully. Nicole was so lovely and just looked like the little Lola. It seemed that he saw her daughter's round face again.

Harry carried the presents from the car imperceptibly and presented them to the nearby elder. He walked towards Carl and said, "Nice to meet you, sir! I'm Harry Si and I'm chasing your daughter!"

"Chasing her daughter? Isn't Nicole his daughter?" Carl was confused.

Lola's face turned scarlet. He was brazen enough to blurt out everything!

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