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   Chapter 156 An Eternal Picture

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Joseph caught the chance to take a picture of the father and daughter beside the Maybach with his phone.

In the photo, two rows of Chinese parasols on the clean and broad avenue of Li's manor were the perfect foil for the black Maybach, and right in the middle, Harry in a white shirt was enjoying the kiss from Nicole in his arms.

Harry put her down and fixed her messy bangs.

Joseph could never miss any wonderful moment. He photographed it to make it an eternal picture.

Lola, who was immersed in the beautiful moment, recovered and trotted towards them. Joseph was raising his cellphone, ready to take photos of the whole family.

He made it! Harry didn't let him down. As soon as Lola reached them, Harry hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

Nicole, with a bright smile, looked up at her father who was kissing her mother.

The beautiful scene wasn't damaged even though Lola was standing with her back to the lens.

After taking these gorgeous photos, Joseph fled fast to the villa.

He decided to use the photos to ask Harry for something. What should he ask for? He would think it over...

Harry's kiss made Lola blushed. She immediately pushed him away and said, "Nicole is here..."

The smart Nicole covered her mouth, smiled and quipped, "I don't see anything." Then she hurried to cover her big eyes with the other hand.

"Awesome, Nicole!" Harry embraced Lola again, with the slightest intention to let her go. Lola pouted, gave him a quick glance and slapped his arm off.

She then bent down to pick Nicole up. "Are we going or not?" She asked the man, who looked complacent.

Harry took over Nicole from her, opened the door of the back seat and put her onto the new child seat gently.

Then he pushed Lola onto the front passenger seat. Lola looked back at the child seat and mixed feelings filled her up.

"Hey, I'm going to see my father. What are you going for? How should I introduce you?

tite, "Nicole, tell me if you feel tired."

Nicole nodded honestly, "A little." It was the first time that she had been travelling in a car for such a long time!

"Okay. We'll check into a hotel then." Harry made a quick decision and speed up to finish up his lunch.

Lola was speechless and took a look at them. All right!

They didn't find a four-star hotel recommended on an APP until they drove around the city.

Harry kept Lola and Nicole waiting on the sofa in the hall and went to check in.

He asked for a presidential suite and the greeter led them upstairs.

Glancing around the suite, Harry frowned. The room was even not as good as a standard room of a three-star hotel in A Country.

But the good news was the bed was big enough for all the three of them!

After unpacking the suitcase, Lola asked the man who was still playing with Nicole, "Don't you go back to your room for some rest?"

Harry glimpsed at her and asked the little girl beside him, "Nicole, would you like to sleep with your mommy and me tonight?"

Nicole nodded immediately. Noticing her speechless mommy, Nicole suddenly drew her arms around Harry's neck tightly, "Mommy, let's sleep together tonight!"

"Okay, Nicole, let's sleep together tonight!" They were unified. What else could Lola argue?

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