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   Chapter 155 A Natural Intimacy Between Father and Daughter

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6523

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Harry checked his cell phone but didn't find anything unusual. He didn't believe Lola used his phone just to see the time, but what else could she do? Well, just let it be!

Although it was Sunday, Lola hurried to the company to attend the morning meeting.

Harry wore a white casual shirt today with the sleeves tucked up above the elbow. There was an precious watch on his left wrist, but the right wrist drew more attention for there were two rows of bite marks right on the middle of it.

Wasn't it left by Lola? Was it so serious? Well, although it was no big deal, he shouldn't expose it… Lola pretended she didn't see the marks while the others already knew what their CEO had done last night.

Lola pulled her collar to cover her neck with embarrassment, for fear that the mark on her neck was seen by others.

After the meeting, Harry glanced at the blushed Lola on purpose.

Lola looked away in a hurry. OMG! Why did she begin to feel she was having an affair with him…

At Crescent Spring.

After a busy day, Yolanda checked her phone casually and saw the WeChat message from Harry.

She was so infuriated by the picture received that she smashed the cellphone onto the ground and clenched her clothes with both of her hands.

Harry slept with that woman again last night and the photo was certainly not sent by him! It was sent by that bitch absolutely after they had sex. Did she wanna show off? Lola Li!

She couldn't send Steven to deal with Lola now, but she could ask Harry's mother for help!

She picked up the phone. Its screen was broken but she could still made a phone call.

Before calling, she received a picture from Nael on WeChat.

In the picture, Harry was holding a little girl in his arms with a tender look on his face. However, the girl was mosaiced and Yolanda couldn't see her appearance.

How could Harry hold a child? The child looked three or four years old.

Whose child w

. In Harry's eyes, Joseph beside was invisible.

He took a picture of them with his phone behind the car window. Good one! It would be better if Joseph was removed by Photoshop.

In Harry's mind, Joseph was the person that shouldn't be here. When Harry got out of the car, Joseph shouted with excitement, "Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!" His luxury car and villa were around the corner!

Lola blushed and slapped his head, "Who is your brother-in-law?"

As soon as she finished, Nicole loosened her hand and ran towards Harry. "Uncle, uncle!"

Lola was so astonished, wondering why Nicole was so excited at meeting Harry. Watching Harry pick Nicole up with a smile on his face, she felt something was wrong. "Have they ever met each other?" This question was for Joseph!

"How do I know that?" Afraid of his secret being found out, Joseph looked away and headed to the Maybach with the small suitcase.

"Will you go to see grandpa with me?" Nicole hugged Harry's neck tightly, expecting Harry to say "yes".

"I won't tell you unless you give me a kiss!" He didn't answer but kept her guessing.

With no hesitation, Nicole kissed his face.

The sun rose in the east and shone on the gorgeous father and daughter. The scene was amazing and nobody would take their eyes off them.

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