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   Chapter 154 Groped Harry's Phone

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"Do you know she is at least three years older than you?" Lola said while rolling her eyes at Joseph. She didn't want her brother to be with Lillian. She wondered how did they know each other.

"Of course. But it doesn't matter! I don't mind that! Elder sister is more thoughtful!" Joseph said.

Seeing Joseph's happy expression, Lola didn't want to hurt his feeling. She then changed the subject while tidying her desk, "It's almost noon. I gotta leave earlier to get the car. You go with me!"

Then she picked up the car key and pulled Joseph out of the office.

On their way to the parking area, many colleagues peeped at Joseph. Thanks God. All of them knew they were of the same family; otherwise there must be rumors about them.

It was a newly-lunched white Maserati. Seeing Lola getting in her new car and roaring away, Joseph was envious.

At that moment, Joseph figured out what he wanted. He wanted a new car which was more expensive than Lola's new Maserati.

He came to his own Ferrari, which was worth just several million. Joseph thought his Ferrari were not fancy enough so he was determined to buy a new car!

He had to have his father's permission before that. What if his father didn't allow him to buy? He was going to rebel! Depressed, Joseph returned home.

It was Saturday. Harold and Angie were playing with Nicole in the living room. "Father, mother, I want to buy a new car!" Joseph said decisively.

"Why? You have just bought this one. It cost three million!" Angie said. To be accurate, Joseph bought the car months ago!

"Father, mother, I can earn money now. Could I make decision by myself? Do you know Lola is driving a car worth tens of million!" To get what he wanted, Joseph shamelessly told Harold and Angie about Lola's new car.

Harold and Angie glanced at each other in disbelief. "Don't talk rubbish. Your sister's BMW is only worth eight hundred thousand!" Angie said.

"She just got a new car! Her BMW was crashed by her..." Joseph pointed at Nicole, who was squinting a

y blushed Lola, Harry kissed on her lips eagerly.

Lola's purse dropped onto the ground. But neither of them took notice of it.

Harry picked Lola up by her waist, walked to the French window and rode her.

At midnight.

Lola begged Harry to let go of her in a faint voice. Harry got up from Lola and took her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Lola was lying in the bathtub while Harry was standing beside the bathtub and showering as several years ago.

Looking at Lola's sexy red lips, Harry revealed an evil smile. When they first met in the hotel, they did the same thing in the bathroom. But this time, Lola was sober.

Realizing what was Harry gonna do, Lola looked at that devil, eyes wide open.


"Harry Si, you pervert!"

Lola muttered after Harry put her onto the bed finally.

Harry, in a good mood, hooked his arm around Lola's waist from behind and fell asleep soon.

At dawn, Lola waked up.

She groped Harry's mobile phone on the bedside table. Then she quickly took a photo of them, holding each other face to face on the bed.

She opened Harry's Wechat and sent the photo to Yolanda.

Then Lola deleted that chatting message, put the mobile phone back onto the bedside table and went to sleep again.

She thought Harry didn't realize what she was doing. But Harry opened his eyes after she fell asleep.

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