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   Chapter 153 Sister, How Could You Do That

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6655

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"Any question about the contract?" Harry changed the subject. He didn't want to talk about what just happened anymore. As for Lola, he would fix her.


"Then let Nael drive you back." Harry opened his personal computer and started typing.

"Harry, I will be here for around one week. I am you fiancee. I don't want to stay in the hotel!" Yolanda walked behind Harry and hooked her arms around his neck.

Harry pulled her arms off him right away. "Okay. I will ask Joey to drive you to Crescent Spring." Harry tried his best to be patient and called Joey in.

Joey drove Yolanda to Crescent Spring and told her the inmost room on the second floor was Harry's bedroom and she could choose any other bedrooms.

Yolanda went upstairs and glanced around. She chose the bedroom beside Harry's at last. Then she went to Harry's bedroom and study room. She didn't feel relieved until she found no women's clothing and products there.

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang. It was from Nael. "What's up?" Yolanda answered the phone.

"Steven fled to the Iceland after he killed those men in jail. He found himself being stalked recently. Now he is asking for five million to flee to somewhere else." Nael said in a low voice in a secluded corner.

"Such a greedy hog! I have already given him ten million! This is the last time. Tell him I don't have much deposit." Yolanda's angry voice resounded through the room.

"OK. I am going to call him back!" Nael responded.

"I have spent a lot of money to deal with that woman! Ask Steven to contact me when he is safe. I have a new plan..." "That woman? A new plan?" Mrs. Du was confused. She, standing outside the room, came upstairs to check if Yolanda needed anything to eat. To her surprise, she overheard Yolanda's phone call. "Since Miss Mo is on the phone, I will ask her later." She thought and left.

Yolanda rubbed her temple after hanging up the phone. "Damn it! Lola Li. I must find a way to knock her out!"

In the deputy CEO office.

"Lola. Couldn't you ask for one day off?" Joseph said casually while browsing the magazine in his hands.

"What's the matter?" Lola said while shifting gaze from her personal computer to her brother.

"Accompany Nicole! I have become her nanny recently!" Joseph glanced at Lola and complained. He thought his sister was an out-and-out workaholic.

Nicole? Who was Nicole? Joey had just came back from Crescent Spring. Harry asked him to send something to Lola. At the doorway, he overheard their conversation.

Realizing it was not polite, Joey knocked on the door. "Come in please."

"Miss Li. Boss asks me to bring this to you." Joey said while putting a dossier on the desk. "There is car key in it. As your car crashed last time, he bought a new Maserati for you. It's in 4S shop now. You can go get it." Actually there were other things in the dossier...A surprise for deputy CEO.

As soon as Joey left, Joseph came up to Lola and asked, "Harry crashed your car? Are you OK?" "Was he trying to killing my sister?" He thought.

"Stop filling your head with nonsense! He saved me." Lola said while picking up the dossier. Several photos dropped onto the floor when she opened the dossier. Lola bent to pick those photos up. Seeing the person in the pictures, Lola was in tears.

It was Carl Li,

her adoptive father. In the pictures, he, whose hair turned gray, was writing on a blackboard in a shabby classroom.

It seemed he became a teacher in a village. In the other two pictures, Sara was soliciting at the roadside, wearing heavy make-up and sexy clothes.

Lola covered her mouth to muffle her cry. She finally found her father!

"Lola, what's wrong?" Joseph was frightened by her sudden outburst of crying.

In the dossier, Lola found a slip of paper with an address on -- Echo Bay. It was a small village far from here.

"Harry Si found my father!" Lola shouted excitedly. Joseph was confused at first. Then he quickly realized Lola was talking about her adoptive father in D City. Seeing Lola was so excited, Joseph guessed that man must be a loving father.

Lola was overjoyed. As it was Harry who helped her find her father, Lola fished her mobile phone out and sent a message.

Joseph approached Lola, eyes fixing on her screen. Lola pushed him aside and said, "Hey! Privacy!"

Joseph bent over Lola's desk and asked in an exaggerating tone, "Lola. Are you going to marry Harry for this? Don't be impulsive!"

Lola rolled her eyes at him, "Yes. Any problem?"

Joseph shook his head immediately. How dare he have any disagreement!

Harry was bending over work when his mobile phone rang, reminding him of new message.

"Boss Si, let's go get a room!" Seeing Lola's message, Harry almost dropped his mobile phone onto the ground cause he didn't expect Lola could be such straight.


Harry would never miss any chance to be with Lola, of course.

He made a phone call to book room immediately. Then he sent the hotel address to Lola.

When Lola was considering how many days off she should ask for to visit her father, she received Harry's message, "Room No. 2308, Sea View Hotel."


"So quick!" Lola exclaimed.

"Joseph Li!" On thinking of she couldn't accompany Nicole tonight, Lola felt sorry.

On hearing Lola called him by his full name, Joseph was on the ball. Because his past experience proved that every time Lola asked him for help, she would call him by his full name.

"Don't look at me in this way! I am not going home tonight. Please cover for me and take care of Nicole, OK?" Lola displayed a friendly smile on her face.

"Sister, how could you do that! Neglect your daughter and hang out with a man." Joseph complained.

"I know. I know. But I am doing this to win Nicole's father back! I will take Nicole to visit my father days later." Lola explained. She guessed her father must be happy to see his granddaughter.

"OK. But this must be the last time, OK?" Joseph said. Actually he was not worried about taking care of Nicole alone. Grandpa and nanny would help him. Beside, their father and mother came back home more frequently since they reunited with Lola.

"Do you want anything? I can ask Harry to buy you." Lola smirked. She decided to splurge Harry's money!

"Eh...I don't need anything recently." Joseph was rich so he could buy anything he wanted anytime.

"Joseph! Can't you name something you want?" Lola rolled her eyes at her brother. Don't need anything? Such a lucky rich boy!

"Okay. Since you put it that way, I want Lillian!" On thinking of Lillian, Joseph couldn't help displaying a happy smile on his face.

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