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   Chapter 152 Yolanda Fell Down on All Fours

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 5860

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The car finally stopped shaking after a long time.

After they put on clothes, Harry went back to the driving seat and drove to the gate of the manor. "Get out of the car!" He said.

... So he just came for sex? Lola wondered.

She slammed the rear door shut angrily.

"Couldn't that beast be tender?" She thought while staggering towards the villa with her jelly legs.

The car behind roared away.

... ...Shit!

Early the next morning, Lola and Joseph went to the company together.

Female colleagues got excited at the sight of Joseph. Seeing Joseph make eyes at them, Lola glared at him, "Hey, stay low-key!"

Joseph grinned at Lola, "Are you envious of me? Then come back to entertainment circle!"

Lola rolled her eyes at him and led him to her office.

Time for meeting. Lola took Joseph to the conference floor, which caused a stir again.

The colleagues were excited to see Joseph but didn't dare to come close. Speechless, Lola went into the conference room.

Around three minutes later, there arose another scream. Lola knew that woman came.

Sure enough! Yolanda Mo, wearing a newly-launched blue coat and a pair of 3-inch heels, was walking towards them arm in arm with Harry.

Lola looked at the man with Yolanda and found he didn't even cast a glance at her. Her lip curled.

Everybody was present. Joseph sat down beside Lola. Yolanda took Julie's seat beside Harry after whispering in Julie's ear.

Harry made a brief introduction of the contract. Joseph nodded to show his agreement. Yolanda glared at Lola without bring forward the requests she made yesterday. Lola looked into Yolanda's eyes with scorn in return.

The contract were signed smoothly.

Lola was quite satisfied with the following work

f Lola didn't mind buying herself trouble, he got nothing to worry about.

The door of the lounge was opened soon. Seeing Harry and Lola on the bed, Yolanda trembled out of anger.

"Harry." Yolanda could finally utter a word after a long silence.

After noticing Lola's smirk, Harry bit Lola's lips, got up unhurriedly and straightened his suit.

Lola did the same after giving Harry a glare. "Sorry, Yolanda. It is not like that. We were just talking about business. Please don't get angry!" Lola said deliberately. Her coquettish voice set Harry on fire.

Yolanda, with tears in her eyes, scooted to Lola to slap her. Seeing Yolanda raising her hand, Lola hurried to hide behind Harry, "Boss Si, I think your fiancee misunderstands us. You'd better explain. I gotta go!" Then she rushed out of the CEO office.

"Harry!" Yolanda stared at Harry with her moist eyes. She really wanted to skin Lola alive!

"Stop crying. We didn't do anything." Indifferent to her tears, Harry walked outside.

Yolanda followed him and said, "I know she did that on purpose. But could you please stay away from her?" Harry sat back on his executive seat and set to work.

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