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   Chapter 150 Return From the Glaciers

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6728

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"In case of any difficulty, come to me. That is a final decision. Joey will send you Yolanda's hotel address, and that's it! We can finish there!" Hearing Harry's overbearing words, Lola bit her lower lip.

After the executives left the conference room, Lola received an address on her cell phone.

She turned off her cell phone and held it in her hand tightly, sulking.

If she had been a junior employee, she would have refused to go. But as the deputy CEO of the company, she could think over everything she said and did. Lola was depressed at the thought of the negotiation with Yolanda.

Harry really treated her as a subordinate recently. Such being the case, she couldn't annoy that woman by showing her love with Harry. She needed to think of numerous plans to get back at that woman!

Upset, she walked out of the conference room towards her office.

As soon as she got off the elevator, a flower deliverer stopped her, holding a large bouquet of roses. "Are you Miss Lola Li?"

Lola saw the colleagues from the Public Relations Department cast their envious gaze on her. She nodded with embarrassment. "Hello, this is for you. Please sign for it."

She quickly signed her name and took the bouquet, wondering who sent it.

The flower deliverer pressed the elevator button and left. In the elevator, a tall man caught sight of the blushed Lola holding the large bouquet of roses.

Lola met his gaze and immediately turned back towards the office with the bouquet in her arms.

Only Harry, Joey and the flower deliverer were in the elevator.

After throwing a glance at his boss, who was odd recently, Joey couldn't help but ask the flower deliverer, "Dude, who sent that flower to Miss Li?"

"I don't know the name, but it must be a man!" The flower deliverer gave a look at the man that was standing silently next to him. He looked so powerful and stern. Did he just return from the glaciers?

When he finished his words, he felt stronger pressure from the man. Scared, he ran out

me to talk about the endorsement with Miss Mo." She simply explained her intention. Actually, Nael knew it already.

Nael gave her a long hard stare and walked back into the room without greeting her. Lola followed him.

In the room, the dresser was applying makeup for Yolanda. Seeing Lola in the mirror, Yolanda didn't expose her surprise but put on a complacent smile.

"Miss Li, you should wait for a while. It may take a long time to put on makeup." Nael made it clear to Lola. Even so, Lola waited more than three hours while playing with her cell phone on the sofa. Her phone was running out of battery. Finally, Yolanda walked up to her as if she was a goddess.

"Long time no see, Miss Li." Yolanda sat opposite her elegantly.

A few years had passed by, Yolanda's eyes were slightly wrinkled. Had she been too busy with her career?

"If we don't have to see each other ever again, that's the best!" said Lola indifferently. She pulled out the contract she brought and put them in front of Yolanda.

Yolanda smiled and leafed through the contract. After a while, she said, "I'm not happy with my commission. And the schedule is too tight. I don't have so much time."

Lola took a look at her. "Your commission is in line with the market price. As for the schedule, you can go to the company and discuss with our CEO."

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