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   Chapter 149 Such a Flirty Man

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Lola collected her thoughts and said to Angie, who was very concerned, "Mother, I told him that Nicole is my child with Thomas Herren. I have no idea why I said so. Am I pushing him away?"

Lola was deeply confused, so she could not help but speak her mind to Angie.

Angie and Harold looked at each other, and then Harold went upstairs quietly with a frown.

Angie let Lola sit with her on the sofa. "Why did you choose to work for SL in the first place?" The question was right to the point.

It reminded Lola of her original motivation. Yes, that was because she wanted to see Harry again.

"You still love him, but you know that he can't give you what you want. On the contrary, President Herren comes to you in the right place at the right time. He can give you what you want. That's why you are confused." Angie's words punched Lola's heart. It was true, but what should she do then?

Angie seemed to perceive Lola's unspoken question, "To be honest, they are both very decent young men. Normally, Nicole should not be parted with her biological father. But considering all the entanglements and intricacy in your relationship, it might be better to let it be in case you and Nicole get hurt again. Whatever will be will be. If he is not meant to be with you, your efforts won't make any difference. Time will give the final answer."

These words gave Lola much comfort and helped her decide that her priority now was Nicole. As for Harry, she would leave it at God's disposal.

She would fight for whatever belonged to her, but she would not push herself too hard for what didn't.

As for Thomas Herren, she had two months to consider their relationship, hadn't she?

If it finally worked out between she and Harry, she would tell Thomas Herren not to wait for her in advance.


Lola put Nicole on her own bed and cuddled her tightly.

Nicole was the person she cherished the most in her life. She would not allow anybody to take her away. Anybody!

It beca

fiancee, right? She will not disagree." Then she covered her mouth and laughed.

Julie's words aroused many discussions. Although many of them knew about the relationship between Harry and Yolanda, it was still surprising to hear someone bringing it up.

Only Lola, expressionless, was writing something there, as if it had nothing to do with her.

Harry gave Julie a quick glance and looked at Lola. "Yolanda will arrive in A Country tomorrow. Miss Li will also be in charge of this."

He asked her to negotiate with Yolanda Mo? Lola wondered if she could restrain revealing that hypocritical bitch.

"Boss Si, I'm afraid I can't." Those executives around all gasped. How dare she object to CEO's order?

"Yes, you can. Hand over what you are busy with to Miss Tan, and focus on the endorsement." Harry didn't give her any chance to say no.

"I have been working on two important projects for half a month. It won't be easy to hand over them to Miss Tan right now. Please reconsider, Boss Si. And as for the cooperation with Joseph, I promise it will go on smoothly." Others were amazed at Lola's apparent anger, as Lola rarely lost her temper. She was angry, because he not only asked her to negotiate with Yolanda, but also ignored all her endeavors on the two projects and took them away from her all of a sudden.

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