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   Chapter 148 My Daughter with Thomas

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6655

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Lola knew what she needed as well as what she wanted, but she was still at a loss...

Thomas couldn't help lowering his head to kiss her.

But the moment his lips touched Lola's, Lola pushed him away. "Give me two months." She said while wiping her tears off.

If she couldn't fix her problem with Harry within two months, she would leave that man for good!

"That's too long." Dissatisfied, Thomas muttered with his hands still on Lola's shoulders.

Suddenly, a beam of car light sliced through the darkness. Harry drove back...

He turned dauntingly cold upon seeing Lola and Thomas stay close in the dark night.

Harry unfastened his safety belt, got out of the car, scooted to them and pulled the teary Lola aside.

In a second, Harry took off his suit jacket and threw it onto the ground.

Seeing that, Thomas did the same thing, in no fear of the trouble that might arise.

Looking at the two exchanging blows, Lola closed her eyes helplessly. How childish they were! Why did Harry turn hot-headed every time he met Thomas Herren? Lola wondered.

They punched each other with all their strength. Didn't they feel hurt?

"Stop! Enough!" Lola shouted at them. But Harry and Thomas kept fighting with the slightest intention to stop.

Half a minute later, another car light shone on them. "God! It's dad's car!" Lola really wanted to hide somewhere.

Seeing the two fighting over there, Lola got anxious and thought about how to separate them. She didn't dare to approach them because she was afraid of getting injured.

"Harry Si, Thomas Herren, stop now. Don't disgrace yourselves!" She shouted at them again. Still neither of them stopped.

Harold and Angie got out of the car soon. They were shocked to see Harry and Thomas punching each other.

Harold glanced at Lola with confusion. Then he scooted to the men in fight, trying to separate them. Thomas Herren was the President. If his fight was caught on camera by reporters, he would be impeached!


t once, but was stopped by Harry.

"Being your mistress? I would rather be Thomas Herren's wife. What makes you believe I will be trampled by you and that woman all my life?" Lola smiled wryly and looked at Harry with scorn.

Harry gritted his teeth and pressed Lola's head against his chest furiously, "Lola Li, I said we are destined to be together at all times. If you dare to be with another man, I will let him disappear in this world, no matter who he is and how powerful he is!" Harry's horrifying look scared Lola. When did he become so cold?

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She blurted out, "Harry Si. Nicole is my child, my child with Thomas!" Lola sneered and went towards home, leaving Harry standing there in shock.

It was getting darker and darker. Lola had already left. Standing in the darkness alone, Harry was heartbroken.

That pain in his heart this time was far more intense than that Yolanda had brought to him years ago.

Lola walked into the villa with a mixed feeling and found Harold and Angie sitting on the sofa and waiting for her.

Looking at Lola's pale face, Harold and Angie glanced at each other out of worry. Angie stood up and came to Lola, "Lola."

"Mother." Lola looked at Angie vacantly.

"What's going on?" Seeing Lola was inconsolable, Angie asked out of concern.

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