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   Chapter 146 I Wanna Hit Someone With My Car

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 5968

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"Have more. You remember what I said last night?" The man casually asked, while watching the woman eating.

She recalled that Harry said a lot on the bed last night. Who knew exactly what he was asking? "I don't know what you are asking?" With that, she put a bruised poke into mouth, which tasted soft and delicious.

"You! You must bear me a child!" His frankness almost got her choked. It seemed he did say that last night. Harry passed the juice to her.

"All I want is a child. It's not a big deal. Chill out!" A child might be able to bond them together forever.

"You wanna a child? Easy! Go find your fiancee." Harry glared at her with a gloomy face.

"If I learn you ever eat contraceptive pills, you're doomed!" Harry purposely rejected the use of condom. He had made great efforts but still failed to get a second child. He must work harder.

"Why should I bear you a baby? You are just my boss!" Lola paused and said coldly.

"No reason. Just remind you of the ten children you owe me!" He naturally picked up some vegetables into her bowl.

"I'm not a pig!" Driven mad, she said rudely.

Harry didn't mind but calmly said, "Aren't you a pig?"

Lola put down the rice bowl and threw a pillow at him, "You want me to eat or not?"

After catching the flying pillow with one hand, Harry cast it aside and said, "No flirting during the meal."

After giving him black looks, Lola quickly finished the meal and went back to the office.

She racked her brain to weigh whether to buy some contraceptive pills or not.

At last, she concluded it was not wise to eat that harmful pills. If she was pregnant, she would throw the ultrasound report right in Yolanda's face to get her mad. That was exactly what she'd been planning for!

With that idea, Lola star

The left man who was trying to open the door was dragged backwards for several feet.

"Stop the car, son of bitch! I swear to god I will kill you once I open the door!" As he spoke, the door was opened. Lola kicked him off right away. The man, unprepared, tumbled to the ground.

Before she got time to close the door, another man rushed over, took control of her steer wheel and pulled out her car keys.

"Ah! Back off!" Lola's wrist was gripped by that man. She felt sick instantly.

All of sudden, a Maybach ran straight towards to the driver's door.

The man on the ground was sent flying into the air, struggled and blacked out.

Although driver side door was distorted, the man grabbing Lola kept wrestling her out.

Like a devil from the hell, Harry got out of the car immediately with a cold face and dragged out that man. With a good punch on the face, the man became dizzy, nose bleeding.

At the sight of the situation, the four man came over to trap Harry. The five came to blows.

Joey got out from the back seat. His boss drove so fast just now that he was carsick.

Watching Harry and the hooligans tearing into each other, Joey called the police at once.

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