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   Chapter 145 It’s All Your Fault

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7099

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In the afternoon, Lola received a WeChat message from Harry: "Come to my place tonight and make it up to me."

......It was straightforward.

"How about I buy you a gift instead?" She offered an alternative.

"Do not try to change my decision." He replied at once.

Fine! "All right." She replied reluctantly.

The night was dark and windy.

At Crescent Spring Villa.

After they winded down after sex, Harry looked at the woman who was about to fall asleep and said in a soft voice, "Do not go home tonight."

She rolled over and said, "No! If I stay out all night, I will be skinned alive!" Finally the woman was able to catch her breath and have a rest.

She didn't want to stay with him all night!

"Oh? Will you? I bet you won't get out of this room!" The man threw his arm around her waist, without listening to her protests.

"Tell me, do you have other men in these four years?" Upon thinking that she might have been together with other men, Harry gritted his teeth.

"What? You have a fiancee, but I am not allowed to be with other men?" On hearing Lola's words, the man flew into a passion and had angry sex.


After a long time, Lola was taken into the bathroom by the man. Because of the sound of the running water, she did not hear the phone rings.

In the middle of the night, Harry toweled the woman dry and tucked her in when he heard the ringing tone from her cell phone. He took out the phone, and saw many missed calls from her brothers. Her younger brother was calling. Harry looked at the little woman who was sleeping and pressed the "Answer" button.

"Sis. Why don't you answer my phone? What are you doing in the middle of the night?" Joseph asked in an anxious and exasperated voice.

"She won't go back tonight." The male voice over the phone startled Joseph, who took a glance at the phone number and was assured that it was his sister's!

"Who are you? Where is my sister?" On hearing Joseph's words, Jordan became vigilant.

"Your brother-in-law, don't you remember me?" His simple reply made Joseph silent.

Harry?... Joseph didn't recognize his voice.

ll ten minutes late.

On the first floor, the front desk clerks stared at Lola with surprise. She smiled at them with embarrassment and walked into the elevator.

This deputy CEO had taken office for a few months and was late for work. Who else would have the guts to do? However, nobody could blame her, because it was the man who seduced her that was to be blamed!

The man, however, was still leisurely enjoying a breakfast at home. He didn't need to punch cards, nor did he need to explain to anyone even if he was late. How enviable was that! Well, one day, she would become the acting CEO and he would have to give way! She would! Lola devoted herself to a new goal from today!

At noon, Lola received a text message. "Come upstairs, now."

Most of the colleagues were having lunch at the moment. The CEO office was only one floor upstairs.

When Lola got upstairs, she saw Joey in the secretary division. "Miss Li, Boss Si is waiting for you in the office." Joey uttered a few words, which he would said every time Lola came.

Lola nodded at him and pushed the office door open.

Harry was sitting on the sofa, watching his cell phone. Several take-away dishes were placed on the desk. "Come on, lunch is ready!"

As she hadn't eaten breakfast in the morning, she was actually hungry at the moment. Lola hesitated and sat down.

Harry opened the meal box and picked up some dishes for her.

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