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   Chapter 144 I'm Going to Die

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6569

Updated: 2018-05-29 10:03

"Harry, are you OK?" Lola asked anxiously while scooting to Harry.

"I'm going to die." Harry replied in a low voice without opening his eyes.

His desperate tone doubled Lola's anxiety.

Lola threw herself into his arms, eyes turning red. "Harry, tell me what's wrong with you? How do you feel now?" She asked while checking him up.

Harry grasped her hand and said in a hoarse voice, "I develop an incurable disease!"

Incurable disease? Lola was devastated on hearing that. "How could that happen? I cannot live without him." She thought. Tears streamed down her face and dropped onto Harry's arm.

Her hot tears panicked Harry. He pressed Lola's head against his chest at once and said, "Don't cry. I am just lovesick."

What? Lovesick? Lola stopped crying instantly. Teary-eyed, she raised her head and looked at the smirking man.

Lola pinched Harry's waist with all her strength out of sulk. Seeing Harry just frowned slightly, Lola held Harry's arm up and bit it to vent her spleen.

She didn't loosen her grip until she made bite marks on Harry's arm.

"Do you have propensity for violence?" Harry asked while checking his arm which had been bitten and pinched by Lola many times.

Lola wiped her tears and gave Harry a slap, "Yes, so what? You trick me first!" She was really scared. Because Harry was not that kind of person who would joke about that.

Harry wiped her tears when Lola muttered, "Lovesick! If you miss your fiancee, you can call her. Why did you send a message to me?"

Yes! Why did him send message to Lola? Harry looked at Lola with disdain.

"... Why do you look at me in that way?" Lola complained while sitting down at the bedside.

Harry closed his eyes, trying to ignore that silly woman.

"Hey, did you call me here to watch your poker face?" Lola said while hitting Harry's arm which was just bit by her.

If someone said Lola had no propensity for violence, Harry would be the first one to raise obje

Jordan was home, he or Joseph could drive Nicole to the kindergarten.

Lola felt relieved after hanging up the phone. Seeing it was past 7 am, Lola got up immediately.

Seeing Lola was getting off the bed, Harry complained, "Am I invisible?"

Lola giggled. She bent over and kissed Harry slightly, "Boss Si. Please let go of me or we will be late."

Could a slight kiss satisfy Boss Si? The answer was "No" of course.

Harry yanked Lola back into his arms and gave her a hot and heavy kiss.

After the sweet early morning, they went to the company together. It was past 8 am when they arrived. According to the company rules, they were late.

After checking that there was no one in the parking area, Lola got out of Harry's s black Maserati quickly.

Before she got in the elevator, she repeated asking him to take the next elevator. Harry was so upset that he had an impulse to teach her a lesson in the car.

Lola was ten minutes' late when she finally arrived at her office. She quickly collected meeting documents and hurried to the conference room.

Harry strode into the conference room soon after she sat down.

Julie studied them suspiciously. How strange it was that both Harry and Lola were late for the meeting. But she couldn't figure out what exactly happened between them.

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