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   Chapter 143 Acute Gastroenteritis

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Ella had nothing to say. Since he refused her, what else could she do?

"Come on, let's go back." Samuel went past Ella towards the private room.

Ella stretched out to stop Samuel, "Samuel, are you… together?" She hadn't given up the hope.

Thinking of grandma's attitude, Samuel said, "No, we broke up. But I can't forget her." He clearly expressed that he had someone in his heart, hoping that Ella could accept the fact and stop wasting time on him.

Then he went away, leaving Ella there alone.

Ella stood there for a pretty long time before her cell phone rang. It was her brother Eason.

She took a deep breath, "Hello, brother."

"Where are you? We have been waiting for you." When Eason was on the phone, Samuel was guzzling wine not far from him.

Hearing Eason's words, Samuel knew he was calling Ella and looked over.

Ella's hand was shivering because she was still depressive. "Brother, I've got a situation and need to go first. Just enjoy yourselves!" She tried to make herself sound calm.

The careless brother really didn't feel anything wrong. "OK, be careful."

"Okay. Bye." Ella left the club after hanging up the phone.

Samuel looked at the cup in his hand and asked Eason casually, "Did Ella leave?"

He was wondering whether he would accept Ella if his heart was not occupied.

Maybe he wouldn't…

Eason drank a mouthful of wine and said thoughtlessly, "Yeah. The girl is now grown up and has many secrets. She even didn't tell me her leg was broken while filming some time ago."

Samuel fell into silence. Harry noticed his unusual silence.

However, Eason was still talking about Ella without stopping, "... The girl seems to fall in love with someone and keeps looking at her cell phone every day." Speaking of this, he glanced at Samuel, who was still drinking, and continued, "By the way, I see your photos in Ella's cell phone. She told me she really admired your eloquence and wanted to be a lawyer like you. Funny,

watched the man leaning on it, "What did you eat?" He had never seen Harry fall ill.

"He ate some pungent food and drank a lot of baijiu. That's it!" Chuck answered while collecting his medicine and tools.

Harry closed his eyes lazily, "Leave me alone. I get nurses here."

When all of them left, he opened his eyes suddenly. He used the cell phone to take a photo of his left transfused hand.

Then he selected a contact in WeChat and sent the photo.

Lola's cell phone rang when she was about to fall asleep with her daughter in arms.

It was so late and she took out her phone reluctantly, wondering who the hell it was.

It was Harry! Why was he still awake late at night?

She began to worry upon seeing the photo he sent. "Who?"

"Of course me!" He wasn't in the mood to take photos of others.

She sat up and quickly replied a few words. "What's wrong with you?" Harry was alright when they were together. How come?

"Ward 606 in Chengyang Private Hospital." He sent his address because he wanted to see her and be with her.

Lola got up quickly, put her daughter on her own bed, and drove to the hospital after changing her clothes.

She rushed to the hospital and opened the door of ward 606. The man leaned back on the bed, eyes closed. Though falling ill, he still looked noble.

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