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   Chapter 142 Chasing the Same Girl

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"Don't you eat something?" While having fun eating, Lola looked up at Harry who hadn't touched anything in his bow yet.

Harry took a look at the pot and shook his head. "No. You go ahead." He replied softly.

Lola picked a fish tofu out of the pot and put it into his bowl. "Have a try."

Looking at the expectant face, Harry put the tofu into his mouth. He had never eaten that before.

"How does it taste? Like it?" She remembered he took her to eat hot pot several years ago. At that time, he just watched her eat and didn't eat anything himself. She must persuade him to eat something this time!

Harry didn't want to let the excited woman down. So he swallowed the tofu whole and nodded. What the hell did he just eat? He would purchase this shop and reopen it, in case it caused him more trouble!

Again Lola got him a seafood meatball and then glared at a girl at the next table. She had noticed the girl, who turned around to peep at Harry again and again in the past half an hour.

After having the hot pot, Harry, who had a dull ache in the tummy, went shopping with Lola and drove her home.

At the gate of Li's Manor.

Lola managed to get out of the car after she kissed him as he required.

Harry didn't head for Storm Nightclub before watching her enter the manor.

When he arrived, everyone else had been in the private room.

Without a word, Samuel Shao took up three prepared cups of baijiu from the table and handed them to him.

In a good mood, Harry promptly knocked back the baijiu.

Eason Bo looked at Harry up and down. Harry wasn't frowning as usual. Instead, he was wearing an obscure smile. Eason then asked, "Harry, were you with a girl today? It is rare to see you in such a good mood."

Hearing this, everybody turned to Harry, who didn't deny but nodded.

He was indeed very happy to have stayed with that woman!

"Hey, what's going on?" Samuel Shao p

came out from the private room, stood at the door. "Samuel, I have something to tell you." Ella lowered her head and stared at the toes.

She seldom got the chance to meet him. Now she had to let him know what she thought.

Samuel stared at the girl in front of him, who he always treated as his little sister. "What's up, Ella?"

Ella nerved herself. "Samuel, I... I like you, for many years." Even she couldn't remember how many years ago she fell in love with him. Five or six years, probably.

Samuel fell silent at her words. Ella Bo was the sister of his buddy. She was a shy girl, as timid as a hare. How to refuse her?

The silence lasted for long when Ella Bo pinched the hem of her blouse. Finally, she said it out! But, she wondered if Samuel would...

Samuel opened his mouth. "Sorry, Ella."

He just said sorry. It disconcerted her.

"I have a girl in my heart." He told the truth directly, although he failed to be with her right now. But he couldn't accept Ella when he liked someone else.

"Samuel, I don't care..." It was long before she could talked again. Her heart was badly hurt.

Samuel looked into the pale Ella. He wasn't hardhearted, but he still replied, "But I care." If he accepted Ella, that would be unfair to any of them.

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