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   Chapter 141 Mike is Dead

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Lola recovered and chuckled. "I was thinking about my prince charming." Her eyes glittered with affection.

Harry sat on the bed and caressed Lola's arm which was dressed with layers of gauze. "Is it still hurt?"

Lola unhappily pouted, "You don't even ask who my prince charming is?" With that, she withdrew her hand from his.

Harry kissed her on the lips with a sly smile and confidently asked, "Anyone else except me?" If Lola played tricks on him and told him it was Nicole's irresponsible father, Harry would no doubt cut her connection with that man.

She looked at the man like a spoiled child and said, "Get out! Get out! I'm going to get changed."

Harry stared at the changeable woman who was now playing cute.

He carried her off the bed by waist and asked her to turn around. After Lola did so, Harry started to unzip her dress.

His breathing got faster around her, but she didn't feel anything.

He held her in the arms, enjoying the peaceful moment. The scene in the alley flashed through Lola's mind. She pushed him away and threw her dress to the rubbish bin.

"I'm gonna have a shower!" She gave him an anxious look.

Harry swooped her up in his arms. "You can't touch water now. Let me help."

She thought he was going to offer a helping hand. But it turned out...

As the evening approached, Harry looked at the exhausted woman with a content smile.

After 7 pm.

Awakened by Harry's ringtone, Lola opened her tired eyes and looked at the man who answered the phone away.

Noticing that it was dark outside, Lola sat up immediately, put on clothes and went off the bed.

Harry watched her dressing and said coldly, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, he came over.

"Mike is dead." He

then that she recovered from the slipped mind.

The light turned green and the car behind beeped at them. Harry had to loosened his grip on his prey.

On the wide street was the hurtling black Maserati, inside of which Lola was gazing at the driver in silence.

He had a good-looking profile, thick eyebrow, Roman nose and thin lips.

Indulged in his tantalizing profile, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

"Hot enough?" He asked casually.

Lola nodded candidly and said, "Yes. Your hot body impresses me!"


She didn't wake up to what she just said until

he fixed his eagle eyes on her. Why he kept gazing at her?

He repeated what she just murmured when they were waiting for the green light at the crossing.

Er... She looked at the smiling man blankly. Was that what she just said?

In all likelihood since that was her real thought...

He quickly stole a kiss from her lips before stepping the gas and passing the crossing.

They went to eat hot pot as Lola required.

Harry acted like a waiter, boiling vegetables and meat for Lola who was eating with gusto. However, the loving eyes of girls nearby irritated her.

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