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   Chapter 140 Spend the Rest of Her Life with Him

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6438

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When Mike heard that he couldn't get the money, he hesitated. Anyway, he could possess any kind of woman if he had the money.

"Well, give me ten million!" What he said gave Lola a scare.

She squinted at the man in front of her, restraining a feeling of annoyance. "You're overestimating me. My annual salary now is merely over a million, and I've just taken the position this month. How can I get so much money for you?"

Mike laughed. "Your husband, he has money. For him, ten million is a drop in the bucket!"

"You are wrong. Harry is not my husband now. He has a fiancee!"

That was a fact. Saying it out would only hurt her feelings.

Mike held the dagger up at her eye level. "If you don't obey, I don't mind slicing into your little snow-white face." Eyes full of evil desire, he threw his hand around her shoulder.

"Let go of me, and I'll give you the money!" she said. As he touched her, Lola had to make a promise first.

"Harry, come and help me. If you save me, I will listen to you! I promise." She thought to herself.

Hearing Lola's words, Mike put on a smile, which made Lola sick.

How stupid she was to have had a relationship with such a man!

"Where are you going?" She asked the man, trying to buy time and expecting someone to save her.

Mike kissed her cheek, put his hands around her waist, and looked at Lola with a disgusting smile. "How about going with me?"

She wiped her cheek hard, as if there was something nasty on it.

She was such an idiot to have taken a liking to this bastard Mike in the past!

Displeased to see her reaction, Mike waved the dagger in front of her. The sharp dagger slowly sliced the collar of her dress.

"Stop it! I'll go get the money!" She held back the feeling of nausea and pressed down his hand.

"Well, I've changed my mind again. You have to serve me first, and I'll let you go get the money!" He wanted to take the m

oment she felt his breath.

He did not let her down. When she needed him most, he came to protect her.

How could she be capricious again? He was the love of her life. How could she let him go?

"Harry, thank you." She nestled in his arms and said softly, her hands tightly clutching his shirt.

Harry smiled, patted her back and kissed her on her long hair. "Stay here. I'll take you to the hospital."

Lola did as he said and watched the man in admiration.

She must spend the rest of her life with him!

Ouch... To alleviate the pain in her arm, she blew on the wound.

At Chengyang Private Hospital.

Lola's dress were in shreds. Harry carried her into a single room and called in the best female surgeon in the Hospital.

The doctor cleaned and bandaged her wound, which was not deep, and then told them that they could leave.

Harry took Lola back to the Crescent Spring and called someone to bring clothes for her.

Lola sat down and glanced around the man's huge bedroom. This was the second time that she had come to his villa in Crescent Spring, and the last time they had a terrible quarrel.

The room door was opened and Harry came in with a bag.

Looking at the woman sitting in bed in a daze, he asked, "What are you thinking about?"

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