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   Chapter 139 Mike

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With this, Joey stepped backward to keep a distance from Lola.

Upon hearing the last few words, Lola cast a piercingly sharp glance at Joey who was trying hard to hold back his laughter. "You sure this is what he said?" She asked in disbelief.

Joey nodded. He didn't have the balls to spout nonsense in the name of his boss.

Lola took out the phone and sent a Wechat message to Harry.

Harry, who was driving, heard the message tone and unlocked the phone. It was a message from Lola.

"Son of bitch!"

He turned nasty as this woman was getting less restrained.

"We will square the account. I'll pay your hospitalization fee!"

After reading the reply, she really wanted to kill him!

Fortunately, the email from Joey eased Lola's anger.

"The previous tip-off is proven to be a malicious slander. As a result, Joshua is reinstated."

After a while, she got a push entitled "Lawless Brad Du Was Imprisoned, with Criminal Suspect Under Investigation"

Brad Du? Is that Brad that day? She clicked open the news.

Brad Du was found on the street, paralyzed. As the investigation continued, the police found Brad Du was involved in quite a few crime cases and now had been put behind bars. Besides, the police tracked down a large amount of stolen property and closed down three substandard entertainment centers and bars. His uncle was involved and was under investigation now.

The man in the picture was nobody but Brad with medical gauze on his eyes and bloodstain all over his body. Next to him was Dev with medical gauze on his eyes too. Their arms were broken.

Lola credited all that to Harry.

Ruthless though, she didn't feel sympathy for them after she learned about what they had done before.

At noon

wards the crowd.

Lola uttered no words but went back since the sharp object against her waist hurt her. It must be a knife, she guessed.

Mike looked around and took her to a shabby alley where not a single soul was found.

He shoved her against a dirty wall. It make Lola feel sick. But Mike cared nothing about that.

Mike snuggled up to her perfumed body, with right hand holding the knife against her waist.

The call didn't get through? Lola felt a bit of frustrated at the thought of that. But what if Harry answered the phone in the end? So she decided to manoeuvre the enemy instead of giving up.

As Mike came closer, the obnoxious odor from him made her sick all the more.

She knit her eyebrows and said, "You wanna money, right? I can give you. How much do you want?"

She looked skyward, trying to get fresh air.

Sniffing her fragrance, he claimed, "I have changed my mind. Not just money, I want you, too!" With that, he attempted to kiss her on the red lips.

Lola turned away.

"Mike, if you dare to touch me today, you'll get nothing." Lola, who had been calm, now was freaked out as Mike would really do what he wanted.

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