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   Chapter 138 She Had to Obey This Big Shot

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6009

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Oh! That was Samuel, who Lola met four years ago. "Sorry for my poor memory." Samuel, the famous international lawyer! How could she forget such an impressive man?

The possessive Harry was happy to see that she forgot that handsome Samuel.

Samuel sat down indifferently and began collecting his documents. "Harry, I'll stay in Crescent Spring for some time." Reluctantly, he had to stay in A Country for Harry from tomorrow on.

"OK. Let's have a gathering with Chuck and Eason sometime later." Harry sat on the sofa and lighted a cigarette.

Samuel nodded, bid farewell to them and left with his portfolio.

Seeing Samuel leave so soon, Jim realized he had better follow Samuel and talk with CEO some other day.

"Boss Si, I'm going back to work. Take your time!" Jim Dang left too.

Now there were only two in the office. Lola was extremely angry at Harry, who was smoking calmly.

She walked to the man in her high heels, grabbed the cigarette in his mouth and snubbed it out in the ashtray.

"Mr. Si, why did you fire Joshua?" Her straightforward question displeased Harry very much.

"Why? Do I need a reason to fire anyone?" How arrogant he was! Harry glanced at the cigarette butt in the ashtray and lighted another one.

Lola thought for a moment and said, "Of course you don't need a reason. So fire me please!" Joshua was fired because of her. She felt sorry for this and didn't want to stay here anymore.

Hearing what she said, Harry took a deep drag and pulled her over.

Off guard, Lola fell into his arms quickly...

Harry puffed smoke into her face without giving her any chance to speak and Lola began coughing violently. She was choked and even her lovely face turned red.

Damn the bastard! That was how he bullied her!

She didn't recover until she

would be tender to? Lola's eyes flashed with disappointment.

Well, just a nap! Anyway, they had slept together many time!

As Harry thought she would turn away, she headed to his lounge.

He was satisfied with her obedience and smiled wickedly. However, did it mean that she was willing to sleep with him for the sake of Joshua? If it was someone else who asked her to do that, would she still be so obedient?

At the thought of that, he withdrew his smile.

Lola sat in the lounge, waiting for Harry. But after more than 10 minutes, she didn't see anyone come in.

She had to go out to check what was going on, but there was no one in the office…

Lola was about to explode. Harry had teased her again and again! Ah! Ah! Ah! If she was given a gun, she would absolutely shoot him to death!

When Lola came out of the office, everybody could see the anger on her face. She tried to keep calm, but in vain.

Seeing she was out, Joey hurried over and said, "Miss Li, boss is going to meet the head of the public security bureau. He just said that you had better go back to work and stop thinking irrelevant things." Then he drew near and added, "And never try to hook up with him."

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