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   Chapter 137 You Also Have a Child, Don't You

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 5931

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Those words out of Lola's month threw Harry into silence. It was long before he asked, "Who is her father?" He tried to find out more.

Stars were blinking in the clear, dark night sky. It might be a fine day tomorrow.

"Does that matter, Mr. Si? You also have a child, don't you?" She sounded cold. Harry slightly frowned when he heard such queer words.

He stubbed out the cigarette and untied his tie. "Who told you that?" What was she imagining?

It got quiet again. Lola recollected the gossip among her colleagues. She wasn't mistaken.

"You have brought the child to the company today. I didn't see her, but many others did. You don't need to cover it up, Mr. Si." Maybe they were coming to an end. Anyone could be hurt, except innocent kids!

Harry sneered, "Miss Li, so even you believe rumors?" And that was her child indeed! If Nicole were his daughter, he would introduce her to everyone...

But unfortunately, she couldn't be. They divorced over four years ago. How could Nicole be his daughter!

What did he say that? Rumor? So that wasn't his child! Hearing this, Lola let out a sigh of relief.

It was so quiet that they could even hear the soft breath of each other. Over countless days and nights in the past, they had snuggled up to each other and felt the breath of each other in peace.

But now, they were in no position to care for and contact each other. Would they maintain their ambiguous relationship?

Thinking back to his occasional ferocious looks and ice-cold warnings, Lola wanted to give up.

"Good night, Mr. Si!" She said softly. Deep in her heart, she told herself to let it be.

Harry collapsed in the sofa with his eyes closed and heard the soft voice. Her smiling face crossing his mind and lingered.

l fully cooperate with her in the future!"

Lola finally let out a sigh of relief and regained her nerve as usual. She walked elegantly to them.

"Miss Li, I'm Jim Dang. I've got a lot to learn from you!" The fair-skinned seemed to be in his twenties. But he had a rather feminine voice.

Lola shook hands with him with a smile, "My pleasure, Mr. Dang. I've heard a lot about you. I have just taken this position. Your help will be appreciated!"

They two talked politely. Having noticed the big smile on Lola's face, Harry looked displeased.

Samuel saw that clearly. He had suspected whether the woman was truly Harry's ex-wife before. But now, he was 100% sure!

Four years had passed. Why were they entangling with each other again?

"Hello, Miss Li!" Samuel stood up to greet Lola. He was curious about what happened between them.

The man, who smiled calmly in a suit, leather shoes and wire-rimmed glasses, looked familiar to Lola.

"Hello, and you are?" She must have seen him before, but she failed to recall who he was at the moment.

They shook hands politely when Samuel introduced himself. "I'm Samuel. I was the attorney of SL Group in D City!"

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