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   Chapter 136 Call Me Brother-in-Law Next Time

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7073

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Joseph's words made Harry speechless. He felt Joseph's way of thinking was quite similar to Lola sometimes.

"Don't worry. I have no interest in you. Call me brother-in-law next time!" He interrupted Joseph's imagination with a cool tone.

Harry's words pulled Joseph back to the reality. He nodded. "No problem! Anything else?"

"Who will you stand by, me or Thomas Herren?" Harry asked while taking a cigarette out of packet and picking up his lighter. But he thought of Nicole in the lounge when he was about to ignite the cigarette. So he put the lighter down and fiddled with the cigarette in hand.

"Brother-in-law, I idolize you so much. I am on your side, of course!" Joseph bent over Harry's executive desk excitedly and looked deep into Harry's eyes. "What Harry offered was so tempting! Sorry, my sister!" Joseph thought.

Hearing Joseph's words, Harry nodded with satisfaction. Suddenly, the door of the lounge was opened from inside. Nicole came out, half awake.

"Nicole, my sweetheart, you wake up." Joseph said. When he was about to go up, Harry had already squatted down beside Nicole.

Harry scooped Nicole up. He looked just like a loving father who held his daughter up. "Uncle Harry. My uncle is here. Is he taking me home? I will miss you!" Nicole hooked around Harry's neck and said. She didn't want to leave!

Harry displayed a slight smile. "Ask your uncle to bring you here next time. I will always wait for you here!"

Hearing that, Nicole became awake. She tightened her grip on his neck and said excitedly, "Really? I can come here and play with you again?"

Joseph was totally dumbfounded to see that. He couldn't believe the poker-faced CEO could behave in such a fatherly way. Alas! Harry always wore a smile when he was with Nicole. Maybe that was the power of bond between father and daughter.

Actually, Harry was a little bit pathetic. Cause he was holding his own daughter while he knew nothing about that. Joseph couldn't image what would happen after Harry knew the truth... If that day came, God please bless my sister!

"Certainly! I never lie!" Ha

d never brought Nicole to the company before. So all colleagues thought she was single.

What's more, she had been busy working in the past three years and none had ever seen her dating with any man. No wonder everyone was astonished to know she had a daughter.

Everyone thought she was dating Joshua since what happened in the Fontainebleau Resort. Maybe that post could shift people's attention away from that rumor.

When she was buried in thought, her phone rang. Afraid that Nicole might be awaken by the ring, she answered the phone immediately before checking the caller ID. It was from "Ex-husband".

"Hello, Boss Si." She said politely while walking to the balcony.

After half a minute's silence, Lola finally heard Harry's voice. "Whose daughter is Nicole?" Although Harry was trying to make himself sound emotionless, Lola could sense he sulked.

Lola frowned at his words. She turned back and cast a glance at Nicole, who was sound sleep, and asked, "How do you know her name?" Lola didn't know they met before.

Harry said slowly, "That doesn't matter. Tell me whose daughter Nicole is." In the daytime, he just planned to make up for the pain he caused. But in the evening, he learned that she had a daughter.

Who was Nicole's father?

Lola took a deep breath while looking into the darkness faraway. "Boss Si. I think you know perfectly well that Nicole is my daughter."

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