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   Chapter 135 Grew Up Without the Company of Her Dad

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6443

Updated: 2018-05-25 10:18

Harry carried Nicole and went back to the office in full view of his surprised and confused employees.

This time, those secretaries knew that what they had seen before was real. So here came the question. Who was the child in CEO's arms? When and how did the child enter the office?

A little bit tired, Nicole rest her chin on Harry's shoulders quietly. "Nicole, are you sleepy?" Harry couldn't help smiling when he saw this plump and cute little girl was about to sleep.

It was not the first time today that he had wished Nicole were his daughter.

Nicole nodded. Then Harry took her to his lounge. "Call my uncle later. He is also here." Nicole did not forget to remind Harry before falling asleep.

"Okay!" The man answered. He tucked in Nicole and was ready to go out.

Suddenly, a small hand took hold of his palm. "Daddy." Nicole unconsciously mumbled, giving Harry the illusion that Nicole was his daughter.

Nicole took hold of his hand and called him "Daddy". It seemed that she grew up without the company of her dad.

He rubbed her hair and gently kissed her forehead before he left the room.

If Lola hadn't aborted their child, it must be as cute as Nicole.

After coming out, Harry was lost in thought. After a long while, he called Lola with his phone.

In the deputy CEO office, Lola saw the caller ID and was a little bit puzzled. Why did he call her during working hours?

"Tell Joseph to come to my office." She heard Harry's low but dulcet voice.

"Oh, okay!" How did he know that Joseph was in her office?

"Joseph! You have been in my office for a while. What are you up to?" Lola hung up her phone. She looked at Joseph, feeling that he was weird today. He always played computer games when he had nothing to do. Why did he come to her office and stay there for several hours without reasons?

"What? Couldn't I stay here for a while?" Joseph pretended to be a little angry. In

a cold man. Wasn't she afraid of freezing to death? Harry must be a devil! At the thought of this, Joseph really wanted to flee.

"Stop your wild imagination!" Harry's cold voice interrupted Joseph. Harry knew well what Joseph was thinking from his changing expressions.

Joseph felt embarrassed and smiled at him. This man must be a prophet!

Harry gazed at the smiling Joseph, who looked like his sister.

"Boss Si, are you bi…bisexual?" Harry's stare scared the hell out of Joseph. Why would he choose to stay with such a man?

What was he thinking about? Harry coldly scanned his face again and said, "You are not that attractive. I only have feelings for your sister!"

With that, Joseph patted his chest at once. "Hey, my ex-brother-in-law…"

"I wouldn't mind if you just call me brother-in-law!" The man cut in, still looking at the computer.

Joseph was wordless at once. Then the man suddenly faced him and said, "I have several leading international entertainment companies. I can give you an offer as you wish and help you develop your career. Moreover, I can buy you a villa in whichever city you like, as well as a Shelby Supercar."

"You want to be my sugar daddy?" After a long while, Joseph opened his mouth and confusedly gazed at this powerful man.

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