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   Chapter 134 Daddy's So Handsome

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6735

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Joseph seated Nicole in the child seat, then drove out of the garage.

"Nicole Li, I'm just your driver, and you are responsible for what happens next." He wanted to distance himself for if Lola knew it, she would certainly kick his ass.

Nicole enjoyed the scenery outside with excitement, ignoring what Joseph said.

In SL Group.

Nicole took the elevator from the underground parking directly to CEO's floor. The elevator arrived, but no one came out. The secretaries thought somebody may have chosen the wrong floor. So they continued working.

What she didn't see was a little girl who stooped down and sneaked out of the elevator.

Nicole opened the door of CEO office quietly while the secretaries were concentrating on their work.

They heard the door closed. But they didn't know what happened in the office, nor did they care.

In the office, Harry and Nicole, who was standing at the doorway, were looking at each other. The little girl looked like a princess in the pink skirt.

"Excuse me, are you Harry?" The little girl asked in a cute voice.

Harry stood up beside the desk and looked at her in a fatherly way. "Yes. What can I do for you little girl?"

He recognized the cute Nicole, who he once glimpsed at the gate of Li family.

"I can't find my mom, so can I have a rest here?" Nicole curled her lips pitifully and Harry squatted to see her closely.

"Where is your dad?" He really wanted to hug her. Actually, he did so. He couldn't help feeling protective towards this little girl.

"Mom said he was seeking fortunes abroad." She felt comfortable in Harry's arms. "Daddy's so handsome." Nicole thought.

Abroad? Harry remembered Lola had said the girl's mom was on a business trip, and maybe Nicole was too young to tell the difference.

"Uncle, are you married?" She came here to find out whether her mom still have the chance to marry Harry. She was very happy to see the man shake his head. Such being the case, nobody would take her dad away!

Nicole put her

who stood out in the crowd of people, appeared in the ice cream shop with lovely Nicole in his arms, everybody was looking at them.

The shop became crowded immediately. Although one little scoop of ice cream could cost nearly 100, people were still scrambling to buy. Most of the consumers were girls, who came here mainly to see the pair of father and daughter, who were so gorgeous that all of them wanna have a look.

Harry put Nicole at a neat and clean table and bought her six scoops of ice cream as she required, three of which were strawberry flavor, and others banana flavor.

"Uncle, can you feed me?" Nicole watched Harry eagerly, and the man couldn't resist the little girl's begging.

He took the spoon and fed Nicole with the ice cream while talking about funny things.

Nicole laughed at times, which attracted others' attention.

Harry cracked a rare smile and many people took photos of him with their phone quietly.

He talked with Nicole happily and wiped her mouth softly as she finished eating.

The little girl looked at him while giggling. She was happy to have such a considerate dad.

Harry seldom had chance to hang out in work time. The he took Nicole to eat seafood paella.

He also bought her a latest limited-edition Barbie doll. Nicole was so excited that she kissed his face several times.

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