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   Chapter 133 I Quit

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 5974

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Nobody answered. Lola felt super sick at the thought of what might be happening inside. Never mind! Fuck off Harry. She didn't want to give a damn about him anymore since he was damaged goods. She was terribly possessive.

As such, the anger was quashed and she was ready to go back to her room.

Suddenly, a hand fiercely dragged her into the room. Door closed, she was pushed against the door in a flash.

In darkness, she was given a familiar kiss before she figured out who did it.

She floundered, trying to push him away. Hard as she tried, he remained still.

"Where is Julie Tan? Does he want to have a 3P?" She thought to herself.

Thinking of the possibility, Lola gave him a good bite.

Harry immediately lifted her up by the waist.

Although it was pitch dark, Harry carried her into the bedroom. "You dick, let me go!!" Lola jumped off in an attempt to escape.

All at once, he turned on the light, which shined so brightly that Lola stopped to rub her dazzled eyes.

As she was carried up again, she roared, "Let go of me." Meanwhile, she held around his neck lest she fell off.

To her surprise, no one was found in there, leaving a tidy and neat bed.

Weren't they supposed to sleep together? Did they do it on sofa?

No, it was clean, too. Bathroom perhaps? As she diverted her attention to bathroom, she found the door closed.

Suspicion rose within her.

Judging by the doubts on her face, Harry certainly knew what was on her mind. In order to punish her, he stood by the bed and threw her onto the mattress.

The mattress was soft though, Lola got a spinning head upon impact.

That jerk just couldn't quit bullying her.

"Lola, can you be less eager?" He finally talked, but not in a friendly way.

Lola jumped up on the bed and cri


Old-womanish? Joseph really felt like slapping her butt. "It's very impolite to say so."

"I know. Relax! I never said such things to others before, " said Nicole, sitting on the sofa and throwing a sidelong glance at Joseph.


Joseph pretended to get angry, "Well, I'm not going to take you there."

Nicole quickly stood up on the sofa and shouted in a sweet voice, "Grandma, grandpa, help me! Uncle Joseph is going to beat me!"

Joseph momentarily held her in his arms and covered her mouth. Jesus Christ! Who cared about the stupid fact! If his mom and dad ever knew he beat her, they would definitely join up to beat him.

"All right! All right! You naughty baby, you're coming with me!" Joseph glared at the complacent little girl who was putting on the exactly same expression as his sister.

Nicole slid off from the sofa and ran upstairs to her room after putting on the slippers. She carried her Hello Kitty backpack and Sophia doll.

Downstairs, Joseph cried, "Father, mother, I will take Nicole out."

Harold Li came out from the study, and waved them goodbye. He didn't take it to heart as he thought Joseph was going to take her out for some fun.

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