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   Chapter 132 Let’s Have a Race

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Updated: 2018-05-23 19:58

Looking at his goddess, Joshua clenched his teeth and decided to risk it all. "I'll change my clothes." With this, he went straight into the elevator, with a determined look.

Not giving a damn, Lola happily returned to her room to get changed.

Harry displeased her. She wouldn't make him happy either. "Let's have a race!"

At Fontainebleau Hot Spring.

Harry and Julie stayed close to each other in an open-air hot spring pool.

Julie, who fixed her covetous eyes on the man's strong chest and muscular figure, kept swallowing.

Lola looked at other colleagues, who threw glances at Harry every now and then. When she appeared in the hot spring in a black bikini, many male colleagues could not help but start whistling.

Joshua, whose was arm in arm with Lola, held up a bath towel over his head. If he didn't have to look at the road, he would surely cover his face.

Of course, what he feared was not the jealous stares of the male colleagues, but Harry's murderous eyes.

Lola, however, chose a pool that was right opposite to Harry and Julie.

Harry, leaning against the edge of the pool, squinted at Lola's well-shaped body. When he gazed upon the young man by her side, the anger in his heart flared up.

The woman took off her slippers. With the help of Joshua, she slowly stepped down the pool.

She beamed with comfort as she was surrounded by the warm water. And Joshua was instantly enthralled by her bright smile.

Seeing that Joshua was drooling over her, Lola gave him a hard stare—he was supposed to be her ally!

She pinched him secretly in the water, and Joshua let out a cry instantly. "Alas......!" It was a heartrending cry.


Everyone looked over at them and guessed whether he was moaning.

Lola blushed upon hearing him. "Joshua, what are you doing?" She said through gritted teeth, wearing a forced smile.

Joshua immediately coughed a

, while the man was screwing other woman in his room. Was it worth?

Feeling a sense of loss, she took out her cell phone and clicked open Weibo, looking for some heart-warming posts to comfort her wounded soul.

She felt it monotonous after scanning through some of the posts.

As she grew fidgety, she threw the phone aside, turned off the light and tried to sleep!

But as soon as she thought of the two people fooling around in the room not far away, Lola was too upset to fall asleep.

However, she was no longer his wife. What could she do?

She had to think it over whether she should give up Harry, a man who did not love her...

Suddenly she heard a message tone. She took a casual glance at the phone. It was a WeChat message from Harry.

Voice message? Puzzled, she clicked it and turned up the volume.

However, there came the moaning of a woman during sex...

What the fuck! What was Harry up to? Making her hear the sexual moans of the woman he was bedding with, what was he up to?

Lola sat up in bed with rage. Without hesitation, she put on her coat and rushed out towards Harry's room door.

"Bang! Bang!" She kept banging on the door. If it weren't for the soundproofing, many people would come out to see what was going on.

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