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   Chapter 131 Did You Step Aside

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The moment she walked into her room, she saw Julie Tan going into Harry's room.

Lola closed the door, feeling down. To her surprise, the balcony across the living room of her deluxe suite actually faced the sea. The sea view cheered her up a bit, so she put away the luggage and walked to the balcony.

Jasmines were placed along both sides of the balcony, which were blooming at its most beauty and giving off pleasant fragrance.

Lola sat there and played with her phone. She took a picture of the sea and jasmines and posted it in the Moments," Face the sea with spring flowers blossoming."

Soon the post was liked by many colleagues.

As the night approached, she talked to Nicole over the phone for half an hour, and then left the phone to get charged.

While other colleagues were riding horses, enjoying hot spring or doing spa, Lola had been staying in her own room.

At about 9 pm, Lola started to feel hungry, so she set off to have dinner and planned to take a bath in hot spring afterwards.

Coincidentally, when she opened the door, she noticed the door of Harry's room opening as well. There came out two people.

Lola shut the door as if she didn't see them, until she heard, "Miss Li, are you going out for some fun?"

Julie Tan was wearing a bright red bikini, barely covered with a mid-length black coat which was casually fixed with a belt.

That was the suit for hot spring. Were they going together?

Lola took a look at Harry, who was properly dressed, and turned to Julie Tan. "Not really. Just getting some food."

Then she left without looking back. Julie looked at Harry and as she expected, Harry was watching Lola leave.

Julie smiled, with the corners of her red lips raised. She would not bring the intimacy between Harry and Lola into the open.

When Lola arrived at the buffet restaurant, many colleagues were still having dinner although it was quite late.

The buffet seemed nice! An amazing variety of appetizing food were provided, including sea food, S

nto the elevator. "Joshua, Josh, my sweet Josh... Ewwwww..." The cheesy nicknames Lola just got for Joshua even made herself sick, let alone Joshua, who was sweating in terror. He didn't feel any intimacy. Instead, he was desperately hoping that Lola, Miss deputy CEO, could let him get out of this!

"Joshua, what do you think if I ask you out now?" Struck by what Lola just blurted out, Joshua started to push the OPEN button of elevator like crazy.

She asked him out? It was obliviously, apparently and definitely a great conspiracy, which would totally devastate him. He would be a fool to say yes!

He'd better stay as far away as possible from his goddess!

Joshua determined attitude made Lola start to question herself. Am I that unattractive now?

"Joshua! Stop!" Lola Li dragged Joshua back into the elevator and closed the door.

Joshua was hopeless to see the door being closed and shook his head in despair. "Oh, no!" He would be doomed...

"Joshua, if you dare to stand me up, I will make announcement in the company about how a young employee from design department tried to sexually harass me!" Lola Li looked up at this big boy and started to threaten him.

The elevator passed the floor Joshua's room was on and finally stopped at Lola's floor.

They walked out and stood in the hallway, in silent confrontation.

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