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   Chapter 130 Joey's Bonus Will be Cut for Three Months Onward

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Joey took out the box in surprise and saw the trademark of Rotary on it, which was a luxurious watch brand. The watch of this brand was very expensive. Miss Li was so generous!

While he was thinking, the other secretaries returned to their seats quietly. Only Joey didn't sense anything unusual.

He didn't turn back until he felt the familiar cold atmosphere and he saw Boss Si was standing behind with a gloomy face. Joey was so nervous that he almost threw the gift away. He hurried to hide the watch and went back to his desk.

"B...Bo...Boss, I'm...working." Joey stuttered.

Harry stretched out his hand without a word, and Joey looked at him pathetically, for the watch was the most expensive gift he had ever received.

But as Harry's gaze got colder, Joey gave in the box of the watch.

Harry opened the box and saw a watch which was worth tens of thousands.

Jealousy gradually overwhelmed coldness in his eyes. He squeezed the watch box, trying to persuade himself it was none of his business.

Half a minute later, he gave the watch back and went away while Joey was relieved to see him leaving. But then he said in the corridor, "Joey's bonus will be cut for three months onward as he does personal business during work time."

The secretaries looked at Joey with sympathy who was extremely shocked. Three months' bonus! The bonus was even higher than the basic salary!

All the others had a lot of sympathy for him.

Joey couldn't tell how he felt at the moment. He really wanted to blow up! Since this was the case, Joey decided to tip Lola off about what Harry did every day.

Joey curled his lips and started working. He wore the watch on his wrist deliberately so that Harry would be jealous every time he saw it.

On Saturday.

Lola drove to the Fontainebleau Resort in the suburb unwillingly for she didn't want to see Harry there.

She really didn't want to see him now, for she would have the impulse to beat him when they met!

At Fontainebleau Resort.

The resort was dozens of kilom

paintings of beauties on them.

There were a couple of upscale leather sofas on the left and many nice buffet snacks beside the window.

On the right was a huge glass fishbowl for rare tropical fish, which was about 12 to 15 feet high and nearly 30 feet wide.

While she walked in, she saw a long bar counter ahead of her and an arched ceiling.

On the left were some white pillars, surrounding a crystal artifact.

On the opposite side, six elevators ran simultaneously.

She pressed the button of the elevator and while she was waiting, a man suddenly came up from somewhere and stood next to her.

Lola lowered her head and wondered why he stood right next to her given that there were so many elevators.

Two elevators arrived at the same time. They went in separately. Lola saw the man in the diagonally opposite elevator staring at her coldly before the door closed.

"What are you staring at? It's me that should stare at you!" Lola thought, curling her lips.

The elevator soon reached the eighth floor. They stepped out of the elevators at the same time and she slowed down on purpose.

With a glance at her room card, she looked for her room 805 according to the signs on the wall.

Her room was at the end of the corridor and Harry's room was at the other end of the corridor.

She clearly saw his next door was Julie Tan.

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