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   Chapter 129 Staying with the Boss Was Too Dangerous

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Harry kept his poker face unchanged and started at the conference table distractedly. It seemed he neither heard her words nor saw her resignation letter.

There was a long silence before Harry spoke in a lower voice, "There is another thing. I decide to organize a party at Fontainebleau Resort this Saturday. All managers and excellent staff will be invited. It's on my treat."

Hearing Harry's words, all people were surprised. Fontainebleau Resort was the largest and most luxurious resort of SL Group. With beautiful scenery, various entertainment facilities and five-star service, it never failed to win the affection of tourists.

Seeing everybody was excited and took no notice of her resignation anymore, Lola felt embarrassed. She grasped her resignation letter in the hand and bit her lower lip while looking at Harry who seemed to ignore her resignation.

Why did he do that?

Lola thought she just looked like a clown at that time. "That's all for today." Harry said.

Then he stood up from the executive chair and walked to the door.

Julie Tan glanced at Lola and caught up with Harry.

Then all managers left the meeting room one after the other. Jeremy Duan was concerned about Lola. He came up to the pale-looking Lola and asked, "Miss Li, are you OK?"

He wondered why Lola want to resign.

Lola glanced at Jeremy, shook her head and replied with a smile, "Yes. Thank you."

Jeremy knew Lola didn't want to talk at that time so he said no more word but collected his documents and left the meeting room.

There was only Lola in the silent meeting room. She hunched over the conference table.

"It is said that period pain will be much diminished after having a baby. But why doesn't it work for me? Isn't one child enough? And I need to give birth to one more to ease my pain?" Lola wondered.

She hunched over the conference table for a very long time. Her mobile phone vibrated when she almost fell asleep.

That was a new email from Julie Tan informing the party Harry just mentioned during the meeting.

Lola stood up slowly, collected her documents and then walked towards her office

care of yourself and call me when you are free, OK?"

"OK, Mr. Herren." Lola replied while looking at Joey walking to her.

Then she hung up the phone. Joey put a key on her desk, "Miss Li, this is your car key. Your car is repaired. It's in the parking area now."

"Was Mr. Herren calling Miss Li again?" Joey thought.

Lola put the key into her purse and took a paper bag out. "Thank you. Joey. This is for you!"

Joey was surprised. He took over the paper bag and said, "Thank you, Miss Li."

Lola smiled and said, "These snacks are not enough to repay your kindness. I will buy you a big meal."

Hearing her words, Joey was astonished. "So these are just snacks in the bag?" He thought.

Seeing Joey's changing facial expression, Lola dismissed him with a muffled smile. "Enjoy yourself!" Joey walked out her office with the bag in his arms.

Looking at packets of dried fruit in the bag, Joey sighed. He couldn't believe Lola just bought some snacks to return his favor!

He came back to the executive floor and distributed those snacks to other secretaries. "Miss Li bought these snacks for me. Enjoy yourselves." He didn't forget to speak for Lola while distributing snacks.

Harry, who just opened his office door and was about to walk outside, frowned after hearing Joey's words. "Why did Lola buy snacks for Joey?" He thought.

After Joey shared all those snacks, he touched a small box.

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