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   Chapter 128 Resignation Letter

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Lola smoothed her hair and looked at her car. Joey gave her the key of his car. "Miss Li, you can go home first. Leave it to me. I will drive it back after it is repaired."

Lola smiled at him and said, "Thank you. I'll absolutely pay you back!" She knew Joey had always been helping her, so she would pay him back once he needed her.

Joey's smile became more brilliant, "Miss Li, you're so kind. Please say some good words for me in front of boss." He really meant it!

Say good words? This was difficult, since Harry was unwilling to talk to her now. She'd better buy something delicious for Joey!

She bid farewell to him with low spirit and went away.

In V Hall

Two men sat on the top seats, the younger one being cold and arrogant, while the older one majestic and threatening.

On both sides in the hall stood men in black, with sidearms, looking at the men in the middle indifferently.

After Joey sent Lola's car to the 4S shop, he walked in and told Harry what he had seen.

Harry raised his eyebrows after learning that Lola managed to find helpers. She was not stupid.

Then Joey took out the phone and played a video to Harry, which was uploaded by a witness. He blocked the video but kept a copy of it.

Harry looked at three people quarrelling on the side of the road in the video but couldn't hear what they were saying. However, he saw clearly Dev pushed Lola to the ground, and Brad grabbed Lola's long hair and yanked her out of the car.

He became even more angry and Brad and his men were so frightened that they could not keep their feet.

They still didn't understand why Mr. V and Boss Si would stand up for the little woman who they messed with.

While Harry was watching the video, Vern Mu was drinking a cup of green tea, expressionless.

After Harry finished watching, Vern Mu spoke calmly, "Harry, what do you want from them? Everybody, stand by!" The men in the middle were all nobody except Brad Du.

"Yes, Mr. V!" Vern's men answered with one voice, which struck terror into

k Nicole to go shopping and they returned home after having supper outside.

The next day, Lola went to the company by taxi an hour earlier. It was the first day of her period and she had to print her resignation letter.

There were too many things to do and she couldn't be late for the meeting.

After printing the resignation letter, she looked pale as a result of menstrual cramps.

She looked at the letter in a mixed feeling and thought she would not have any connection with Harry after leaving this place.

With the meeting documents and resignation letter in her hands, she walked in the meeting room ahead of time.

All the others arrived after more than ten minutes.

Harry noticed Lola didn't look well, but he didn't cast a second glance at her.

At the meeting, Lola cleared her throat and struggled to finish her report.

Everyone saw that she didn't look well but no one dared to say anything.

Lola took out her resignation letter when the meeting was nearly over and all people were silent temporarily. "Boss Si, this is my resignation letter."

As she said this, the people present couldn't help gossiping, "Why does Miss Li resign when she's just been promoted?"

Julie Tan looked at the pale yet serious woman, who didn't seem to be joking.

Joey took out his phone and called the 4S shop as Lola walked away.

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