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   Chapter 127 His Ex-wife Was Beaten Up

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6671

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Lola took out a wad of cash and shook it in front of their faces. Eyes gleaming with excitement, the group of people encircled Dev and Brad, rubbing hands and clenching fists in preparation for fight.

"Don't you...... dare! You know who Brad is... He is from an underground gang. Don't you dare!" Though scared, Dev stood in front of his frightened buddy Brad and said with a swagger.

When the group of people heard Dev's bluff, they were a bit hesitant, unwilling to provoke such kind of person.

Noticing their hesitation, Lola said, "This is my business card. Call me if necessary." The leader of them accepted the business card of SL Group's deputy CEO.

SL Group! Everyone looked the business card over, glanced at Lola in admiration, and decided to trust her.

Even if someone pretended to be a big shot, no one would dare to passed herself off as SL Group's deputy CEO.

After putting the business card away, the leader gestured for his men to give Brad and Dev a good beating.

"Bravo! Well done!" Someone in the crowd started to cheer!

Encouraged by the cheer, someone shouted, "Two big men bullying a woman. Well done, miss! Beat them up!"

Pleased to hear them wailing in pain, Lola commanded, "Punch them in the face, these two hogs!"

Joey heard Lola's words the instant he got out of the car. He found Lola after investigating all intersection surveillance cameras.

Shocked by what he saw, Joey really wanted to worship Lola, for she even had friends from the taekwondo gymnasium!

He recorded a short video and sent it to his boss.

Not long after they started to fight, the police was on the way to the scene, so did a dozen gangsters that Brad had called in.

Upon hearing the sirens, the guys from the taekwondo gymnasium stopped all at once and stepped back behind Lola. On the ground, Brad and Dev were beaten black and blue.

Lola also heard the sirens. So she gave them the money and told them to run.

Joey was stunned to see the hefty fellow

ly withdrew their hands, and trotted back to the frowning Brad. "Who am I dealing with?" he thought, "Who was this woman?"

Mr. V, whose real name was Vern Mu, was in his fifties and was a legend in A Country's underworld. He had tens of thousands of men around A Country.

"Who are they? They know Mr. V, A Country's gang boss?" Brad thought, "We are doomed!

Some of the gangsters fled away by car. The remaining four or five got in their cars, frightened.

"Miss Li, you'd better go to the hospital now. I will take care of the rest." Joey said with an obedient smile. What was going to happen next was definitely bloody and violent. It would be better that Lola stay out of it.

Lola touched her painful face and nodded. "Thank you, Joey, I'll bring you some snack tomorrow!" She had to repair the car first and apply a cold compress to the cheek at home.

Snack? Forget it. Joey laughed fearlessly. "Miss Li, you know why I come here. You don't have to thank me. Get on well with Boss Si, I would be thankful!" Only if this lady got on well with his boss would he have a good life!

Did Joey mean that she should thank Harry? Thinking of what had happened in the company, she detested the idea. "Give them a few punches for me. I'm going."

A few punches? How was a few punches enough? Joey smiled in silence.

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