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   Chapter 126 Gave Lola a Hard Slap

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7049

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Their cars blocked the road. Drivers behind them were honking their horns impatiently. "Sir, how about pulling our cars over first? Don't worry. I will be responsible for your loss!" Lola advised patiently.

"Pulling cars over? You are planning to flee away, aren't you? No way!" Then a strong and tall man, with a tattoo on his neck, wearing a pair of sunglasses, got out of the Porsche. He looked like someone from a gang.

"Dev, why it takes some long?" That man slid his hands into the pockets of his white trousers and looked Lola up and down. He thought he was quite cool that way.

The man called Dev switched to a reverent attitude at once and reported, "Brad, this chick said she will pay our repair fee."

The man called Brad glimpsed Lola indifferently and said, "What? I just bought this car yesterday. See what you have done to it! It cannot be returned to the original condition anyway.

Buy me a new one!" "Buy him a new one? He is definitely blackmailing!" Lola thought with a frown, and shouted, "You are blackmailing!"

"Blackmail?" Brad glanced at Lola with scorn. Lola was bad tempered. But it was OK. He was more interested in that hot chick!

"How could you afford a BMW worth more than one million at such a young age? You must be kept by someone!"

There was indeed many silver-spoon kids in A Country. It was common that they kept a mistress.

Lola was upset with Harry. Hearing Brad's words, she got angrier, "You are a kept man. All your families are kept!"

"Hey. Watch your mouth!" Hearing Lola's aggressive words, Dev stepped forwards and pushed her violently. Lola lost balance. If she didn't lean against the nearby car at once, she would have fallen down.

Lola glared at those men who couldn't be regarded as gentlemen at all, "How shameless of you to push a woman! Pull the cars over now! Let's square the account!"

Their cars had already caused a traffic jam and they were surrounded by many bystanders who were talking about them with a disapproving look. Seeing that, those two men started feeling embarrassed.

"Dev, pull her car over. We can't let

into a great rage. He gave Lola a hard slap at once. "How dare you bite me! Bitch, you wanna die?" Lola's cheek turned red and swollen soon.

She stared at those ruffians with a cold look. An idea occurred to her suddenly when she looked about. "You want a new car, right? Wait here. I am going to draw some cash." She said. Hearing her words, Brad became less furious. He winked at Dev, asking him to follow Lola to the ATM.

Lola walked into the nearby ATM booth while massaging her swollen cheek, and drew ten thousand in cash.

Then she walked out of the ATM booth under the surveillance of Dev. But she didn't walk back to Brad directly. She walked into a nearby gymnasium first.

Dev looked up at the board with the name "Chungi Taekwondo" on.

Few minutes later, Lola, whose cheek was still red and swollen, strode out the gymnasium with around eight robust men behind.

Seeing that, Brad had a bad feeling soon. He fished his mobile phone out at once, trying to summon his people for help.

He didn't expect Lola would gather those strong men. But he wouldn't flinch!

The onlookers were growing. But they all just stood afar and didn't dare to walk closer.

Lola and those robust men came up to Brad soon after he hung up the mobile phone. Lola glimpsed him with a cold look and then turned back to those men, "Beat him up and you can take the money. I'll take care of the rest!"

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