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   Chapter 125 I'll Announce My Resignation

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6448

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Lola cried so pathetically that Harry couldn't help loosening his grip. They just stood there face to face, and Lola couldn't bear the silence!

"Well, Harry! I was a fool before, but from this moment on, I'll have nothing to do with you!" She took a deep breath and continued, "If you don't want to see me, I will stay away! As you wish!"

Harry heard what she said and the coldness in his eyes began to turn into fire.

"Who am I to you? Since you take me for nothing, then just leave me alone!" She cried out the last few words.

Harry's office was fairly well sound-insulated, but Joey still heard some of Lola's words.

Were they quarrelling? Their voice could be heard even outside the office.

Who was she to him? WHO? Even Harry himself didn't know the answer.

Seeing Lola's hysteria, Harry gradually let her go.

He put the hands into pockets, walked to the desk and lighted a cigarette.

Lola was angry to see him smoke, "You smoke again. Why do you keep on smoking? Smoking kills, you know." Harry remained silent, just squinting at her having a fit.

He watched her for a long time. "What are you looking at? Can't you say a word?" Lola said angrily.

"Whatever!" He finally opened his mouth, but what he said was nothing better than silence.

Lola was speechless. Whatever? Did he mean that he was going to end their relationship? Lola felt she was a true fool. She bought him gifts to make him happy. How foolish she was!

She picked up the razor and the cup she bought him and unpacked them. She smashed the razor onto the ground. With another throw, the cup was broken too. The sequential bangs in the office were so frightening that Joey's curiosity almost drove him to break in.

Harry just kept smoking, looking at Lola indifferently, while the woman was blowing up.

Even at this point, Harry was still silent. How reluctant he was to talk to her!

"I'll announce my

her, "What's the matter with you? Are you blind? It's a new car, and you just get out to pay for my loss!"

Lola hurriedly hung up the phone to tackle the problem.

Joey looked at Harry anxiously, "Boss, it seems that Boss Li had a car accident due to my call." Actually, he wasn't the one to blame cause it was Harry that asked him to call.

Harry wanted to go to help Lola, but he returned to his seat when recalling their quarrel just now.

"You take care of it!" He ordered Joey casually while looking into his eyes.

Joey understood his meaning at once. The boss wanted him to take good care of the accident and reported every detail of the scene!

At Union Road.

Lola got out of her car in her two-inches high heels and saw the man's car was a new Porsche, which was garishly bright red. Its tail was badly deformed by the crash.

In rear-end collision, the car behind shall take full responsibility! Tough luck! Lola apologized, "I'm sorry, Sir. You can get your car repaired and I'll pay."

"Sorry? Bullshit! I am busy every day and have no time to get it repaired!" The man looked at Lola obscenely and was amazed at her attractive shape and pretty face.

Furthermore, she was driving a BMW which was worth more than one million. Was she a kept woman?

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