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   Chapter 124 I'm Busy Hitting on Her

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6776

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But Lola was a grown-up now and she might not need too much lecture. "Just make your own decisions. If you need any advice, I'm always here for you!"

Lola Li nodded, "I'll see what happens! Just let it be."

Angie Gong recalled seeing a man that night, "Is he the man I saw that night?"

Lola Li hesitated for a moment and nodded, which was enough for Angie to get all the information.

That night, when Lola Li cuddled Nicole to sleep, Nicole asked a lot of questions about her daddy.

Lola replied based on Harry's image.

Since it was the first time for Nicole to know about daddy, she slept later than usual for about 40 minutes.

Lola gently caressed Nicole, thinking about ways to get Harry back from Yolanda.

The next day.

Lola Li got up very early. Just when she finished cleaning up, Nicole sat up on the bed, sleepy.

"Mommy." Her sweet voice was melting.

Lola kissed Nicole, dressed her up and took her to clean up.

After breakfast, Lola left for work first as Harold would take Nicole to school today.

Seeing the gift on the backseat, Lola Li smiled, wondering if he would give her a smile when he saw it.

At the morning briefing.

The meeting lasted for about an hour because there was an important cooperation project to be discussed.

After meeting, while packing her files, Lola watched Julie Tan talking with Harry attentively.

"Boss Si, can I come to your office later and ask you a few questions?"

Harry nodded, stood up and walked out.

Julie gave Lola a smug smile and followed Harry to leave.

"Humph! What are you showing off? Just asking him some questions? I once married him, okay? And I was nothing like you at that time."

Lola was annoyed. She left the meeting room on her high heels.

When she was back in her own office, she was still sulky about the thought that Julie Tan was trying to seduce Harry again!

Humph! She darted an angry glance at the gifts bag by her side. Why did she care to buy gifts for that playboy?


Julie Tan.

Julie Tan was surprised to see they tussled after Boss Si ran after Lola...

She left reluctantly and kept turning around out of curiosity. She noticed the coldness in Harry's eyes. Wasn't Lola afraid of him?

Though it took some time, Julie Tan left in the end and the door was closed again.

Lola got anxious and stepped on Harry's brand-new shoes, leaving a mark that could not be overlooked.

Harry seemed to be cool but the way he looked at Lola was getting more freezing!

"Haven't I warned you that you can by no means harm her again?" He sounded like the devil from the hell.

Hearing that, Lola suddenly cooled off with a sly look, and sank into melancholy soon. Her eyes were watery as if she would start to cry any time.

Lola threw the folder she was holding on the sofa. The razor and cup slipped out of the bag.

Harry was much less angry when he saw her tears and the gifts she prepared for him.

Lola Li took her phone out, found Yolanda's Weibo account and started to upload the pictures. "Don't you dare!" Despite his warning, Lola still clicked "SEND".

"Damn, you are asking for trouble!" Harry slowly put his hand around her neck.

In the meantime, Lola put her phone back into pocket, turned around and winked at Harry. "Yes, I am! You shouldn't have pissed me off in the first place!"

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