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   Chapter 123 These Are All From Your Daddy

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6623

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The profit was quiet higher than the cheque amount on the table, since Harry paid the tax out of his own pocket and it was the net profit.

Staring at the card, Lola Li fell into silence and couldn't help feeling sad.

"It's under your name and the password is unchanged." What did he mean?

"Has he ever been a little nostalgic about their marriage or the days free from Yolanda?"

Her eyes turned red. She pushed his hand away and headed outside.

All his calling and threatening failed to stop her resolute steps.

Harry was so furious that he slapped the card on the table. He was startled to find that Lola Li became a woman of thought and ideas who brew all the things in mind secretly.

Glimpsing those examination reports suddenly, Harry looked much more pleasant. Lighting a cigarette, he called Joey in through internal line.

Joey came in, standing in front of his table, "Boss." As Boss Li didn't look good, Joey wondered what happened just now?

Joey knew the card which was pushed towards him. It was opened in the name of Lola Li four years ago and all the profits of the Blue Island Mall would be transferred into it. What was it for to take the card out now?

"Go give it to her." He said, puffing thick smoke. Deep down, he thought it belonged to her.

Joey nodded. Harry continued, "If she doesn't take it, then you tell her that she will frequently come for medical fees."

"Medical fees?" A question mark hung over the seeming threat all his way to Lola Li's as he couldn't understand the code.

He withdraw the puzzling until he knocked on the door of the deputy CEO office.

He passed the card to her. "This is Mr. Si's order."

Looking at the card, Lola Li had no intention to accept. Joey repeated exactly what Harry said when she was about to open her mouth.

She flushed and pocketed the card from his hand.

"Please send my gratitude to him." Joey aptly described to Harry how she gnashed the teeth in anger.

andon Li asked in a composed voice.

Staring at her lovely daughter, Lola Li shook her head and said, "I haven't told him yet. Not now." It was very likely that Nicole would be taken from her after the truth came out.

Harold Li exchanged eyes with his wife and continued to eat.

After the dinner, Angie followed Lola to Nicole's room. Crap! Rounds of interrogations were coming!

As Lola unpacked Nicole's toy, Angie Gong opened her mouth, "What's it now?"

Lola Li sighed, "Nothing. It's just.... After all these years, we met again."

Throwing a glance at the calm daughter, she directly asked, "Will you two get reunited?"

"Yes, I want to." She answered simply and directly.

Angie Gong reflected, that would be the best for both her daughter and granddaughter.

"Is he here? What is he doing? Why not invite him home some day?" Like other parents, Angie Gong felt like getting to the bottom of it.

Mother got so much to worry about. Lola Li resignedly said, "He's got a company here. I will bring him home some other day."

She didn't spill the whole story as she was so afraid that her parents might run their way straight to Harry's company.

Angie Gong who was clothing the doll had a quick look at Lola, knowing she was lying or hiding something as her daughter looked ill at ease.

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